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    Reconciling Managerial Dichotomies at Honda Motors de Wit and Meyer Essay

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    Executive Summary

    Honda Motors is one of the taking car industries in the universe. The competitory forces theoretical account, which was developed by Michael Porter the five forces which he identified, will assist Honda Motors, the nature of competition in the industry. Porter ‘s Value Chain Analysis ; draws attending to the concatenation of activities and a resource which is linked to the administration to the beginnings of its income and its clients. For a successful scheme there must be a clear apprehension of the ‘current place ‘.

    In apprehension of the current place is by utilizing methodical procedure known as the ‘SWOT Analysis ‘. Where strength and failing are internal factors and chances and menaces are external factors. There is besides environmental analysis such as Macro-environment which includes PEST analysis which does the environment scanning.

    ( A )

    Strategic direction this is whereby Honda Motors will seek in looking at different schemes in order to ease to run into their aims. In order for Honda Motors to assist run into their aims they have to complect all the activities such as nonsubjective scene, like bring forthing an car with high quality stuffs, and be up to day of the month with the rapid engineering alterations.

    Activities such as competitory scheme, this is where Honda Motors will make up one’s mind, on the footing of its ain competitory strengths and failings in comparing of their rivals. Including activities such as functional duties this includes utilizing of appropriate organizational constructions which will ease Honda Motors to be efficient and co-ordinate in all functional countries which will hence aid in cut downing costs and betterment on their merchandises.

    The competitory forces theoretical account, which was developed by Michael Porter of Harvard University in 1980, has identified five forces that influence the nature of competition in an industry. ( Porter, M.E 1980 )

    Menace of new entrants

    This is whereby a new entrant attempts to come in the market. The menace of new entrants is really low in the car industry, since there are many barriers associated in come ining the car industries which includes, high capital demand, entree to distribution channels, high capital demand for research and development which is necessary for invention demands, and besides a authorities policy may be a barrier the authorities may inquire the industry to get a particular license which is really rigorous on its safety regulations.

    Menace of replacements

    There are n’t many replacements merchandise for an car industry, some of the replacements include, walking, cycling or taking a train. The replacement merchandises depend on assorted factors such as geographic location of the consumer, for illustration the consumer may be in UK and the metro may be the most effectual manner of transit.

    The power of purchasers

    Dickering power of the purchaser is rather high as the industry wholly depends on the consumers as the consumer ‘s purchases the industry end product. If Honda Motors is unable to maintain the purchasers happy, so the hazard of losing them to the rivals is higher. Buyers have a low shift cost, if they are non satisfied with the auto they will travel for a new one. The ground why the power is non really high is because the purchasers are non big in Numberss but few, and the purchaser does non hold the ability to incorporate backwards into the industry. If they want to buy a vehicle they have to buy it from a franchise.

    The power of providers

    The bargaining power is really low in an car industry, since many parts are used to bring forth an car ; hence it takes many providers to carry through this undertaking. When providers are many they do non hold much power, so there are many supplies to this industries. Industries can easy exchange to another if is necessary.

    Intensity of competition among rivals

    Rivalry is really strong in car industry. In order to ease them to acquire their market portion, they must derive market portion by taking it from their rivals. One of the chief grounds for competition is because there is deficiency of distinction chances. All auto industries will bring forth autos and the consumers will compare autos in footings of monetary value, public presentation, lastingness, quality, fuel efficiency and other facets.

    ( Porter, M.E 1980 )

    Porter ‘s value concatenation techniques are divided into primary and secondary activities. Primary activities are largely concerned with the creative activity and bringing of the merchandise or service. These are: –

    Inbound logistics: – these are activities where Honda Motors trades with receiving of natural stuffs, warehousing and input control of parts.

    Operationss: – these include activities such as transforming inputs such as the natural stuffs and parts into finished merchandise.

    Outbound logistics: – these are activities such as presenting the merchandises to the client and carry throughing their orders.

    Selling and gross revenues: – this is a manner of pulling clients to purchase the merchandises which includes distribution channel choice and ways and agencies of advertizement.

    Service: – includes activity such as client support.

    Firm substructure: -this includes gap of different subordinates in different geographical locations, which helped in their activities. Honda has a broad international production web, with 89 production installations in 33 states.

    HRM: – this is the enlisting of staff where Honda Motors straight employs 101,100 people, about 1/3 of them in Japan.

    Margin: – With high fuel monetary values and a weak U.S. economic system in June 2008, Honda reported a 1 % gross revenues addition ( http: // )

    Beginning of diagram ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

    In order for these groups of primary activities it is related to the supporting activities which hence helps in the development of the effectivity every bit good as effectivity of primary activities, they are as follows: –

    Procurement: – this is whereby Honda Motors tries to acquire assorted resources inputs for its primary activities, such as buying of inputs.

    Technology development: – engineering will assist to understand how the industry is traveling to set about its procedures such as betterment in services with the aid of engineering like merchandise and procedure design, research and process development.

    Human resource direction: – it ‘s usually done by the direction, which deals with activities such as recruiting, preparation of the staff, managing, giving inducements to the staff.

    Infrastructure: – this consists of all activities that support the value concatenation, which includes finance, planning, general direction, authorities personal businesss and quality direction.

    De Wit, B. and Meyer, R. ( 2004, pp 241-242 )

    Question 1 ( B )

    Ries and Trout ( 1972 ) “ Positioning is non what you do a merchandise it is what you do the head of a chance. ” ( )

    Positioning is critical because it is the agencies where goods and services can be differentiated from one another and giving the costumier a ground to purchase. There are two elements in positioning this is the physical properties, such as the functionality and capableness where Honda Motors can offer things such as engine auto specifications, its designs and C emanations. The 2nd component is concerned with the Honda Brand how it is communicated and how consumers distinguish the trade name relation to the other rival ‘s trade names in the market place.

    Kotler ( 1997 ) brings these two elements together when he says that ‘Positioning is the act of planing the company ‘s offering and image so that they occupy a meaningful and distinguishable competitory place in the mark clients ‘ heads. ‘ ( )

    Honda came with ‘Right-first-time ‘ or ‘build in quality ‘ attack which revealed that there are better ways to pull off these dualities. Which focused on how to ‘build in quality ‘ to merchandises instead than ‘test in quality ‘ after that, there was possibility to cut down costs and to downsize production with minimum stocks, therefore cut downing bringing lead times. This illustration involves a strategic attack to fabrication, and it has widespread branchings for selling, merchandise placement and competitory scheme.

    Honda has been recognized for its ‘core competency ‘ in the advanced internal burning engines which power the whole scope of its merchandises.

    Honda ‘s merchandise goes far deeper a duality accommodating attack characterizes both the mental procedure of engineering research and the doctrine behind the existent merchandise designs.

    The engineering and design characteristics of Honda merchandises are the incarnations of successful rapprochements of dualities which deliver direct and immediate competitory advantage. One of such illustration of Honda ‘s engineering is the CVCC engine which was widely accepted in the universe ‘s car industry, viz. a trade off among the assorted pollutants emitted from internal burning engines.

    The promotion in high engineering built into all its merchandises and it was speedy to offer characteristics like progress engines, antilock brakes, electric Windowss and sun roofs as base instead than optional supernumeraries, therefore simplifying merchandise assortment within each theoretical account assisting the client in separating with other trade names.

    Developing internal resources

    While creativeness is exercised by strategic and tactical planning, that is, analysing the environment to find how best to utilize the bing internal resources and capablenesss at Honda Motors such as set uping a planetary direction construction which was reorganised with clear and direct lines of duty to the top direction group.

    Besides the manner Honda ‘s solution to the group- single duality and the horizontal-vertical duality is to come on flexibly with a ‘tacking ‘motion along a well defined and narrow way.

    Finally Honda had a singular preference for praising the successes of single employees and for promoting a sense of competition among them. Within Honda R & A ; D, the subordinate company that develops Honda Products, competitory and single based basic research foster single ingeniousness.

    Question 1 ( C )

    Haspeslagh and Jemison ( 1991 ) explained that “ planetary integrating really carries a different significance for assorted parties involved in different state of affairss ”. This means the possibility that a subordinate, runing on a distinguishable market environment, can develop a different position and apprehension of planetary integrating relation to the female parent company or other subordinates runing in different markets.

    Schweiger and Goulet ( 2000 ) stated that the “ different positions normally revolve around the combination of the assets and human resources of the mark and the purchaser or the subordinate and the female parent company ”

    ( )

    Pressures for planetary integrating of activities

    Geting a cross-border synergism on as a big graduated table as possible can be an chance for a planetary car industry. Gaining planetary synergisms is frequently less and chance than a competitory demand.

    The force per unit areas for planetary integrating of activities in an car industry, such force per unit areas include where for illustration, Toyota may hold already efficaciously implemented a planetary scheme, and there can be terrible force per unit area to roll up benefits of globalisation through standardisation, co-ordination and centralisation.

    Such force per unit area for planetary integrating of activities include, where the international car attempts to be in ideal place where it strives to assail locally oriented challengers. By organizing its competitory difficult work and conveying its planetary power to set up with on a few national markets, the car house can force back or get the better of its local rivals state by state ; besides maintaining in head the Automobile industry must hold its capableness of supporting itself against such a globally coordinated onslaught by a rival international house.

    If the administration is investing intensive such as Honda Motors so a planetary scheme is required to seek for big merchandise markets to return the investings.

    Honda motors, which is high in engineering may necessitate IT services which may be dearly-won at host state, it may necessitate outsourcing from other locations in order to ease the cut down on costs which requires strong planetary co-ordination and direction, and the version of criterions.

    De Wit, B. and Meyer, R. ( 2004 pp 543-544 )

    The demand for local reactivity

    Pressure for local reactivity arises from when consumer gustatory sensations and penchants differ significantly between states.

    Besides when there are differences in replacements such as other agencies of transit such as bikes, trains and planes.

    Where the economic and political demands are forced by the host state authoritiess may necessitate a grade for local reactivity.

    Differences in substructure ; includes services that wholly depend on one type of transit system such as public means of transit in a state.

    ( SIM336 Module Workbook, 2011 pp 196 )

    Question 2 ( A )

    Whittington ‘s ‘classical ‘ school of idea

    In Whittington ‘s ‘classicalA’school of idea, there is a preparation of an chance or a job. Honda motors may be conceive ofing where they are presently now, where do they desire to be, and what are the ways in making their aims, this can be Honda Motors mission. In order for Honda Motors to travel through aims, it has to travel through procedures, which are intentionally set like now and hereafter. It ‘s usually based on the micro economic premise of “ ceteris paribus ” maintaining all factors constant.

    Alfred Sloan ( 1963:49 ), quoted “ that the strategic purpose of a concern is to gain a return on capital and if in any peculiar instance the return in the long tally non satisfactory, the lack should be corrected or the activity abandoned ”.

    In order for Honda Motors to hold a booming scheme there must be a clear position or apprehension of its ‘current place ‘. There is a methodical procedure for understanding procedure for understanding the current place by utilizing SWOT analysis, where strengths and failing are internal factors, and chances and menaces are external factors.

    There is besides environmental analysis such as macro environment which includes PEST analysis, which does the environment scanning.

    There is micro environment which includes Porters 5 analysis.

    Equally good as there is the internal environment PLC ( Product Life Cycle ) which illustrates the status of a merchandise constitution, it grows and eventually diminutions.

    Finally the porters value concatenation analysis which draws the concatenation of activities and a resource which is linked to the constitution to the beginnings of its income and its clients.

    ( SIM336 Module Workbook, 2011 )

    ‘Processual ‘ Schools of Thought

    Pluralism means more than one. Pluralism has ever existed in administrations, since everyone has their ain manner of seeing the universe, and their ain penchant for what happens to them and around them. People outside the administration do non hold much power to command its scheme, compared to those people inside the administration.

    Having power and utilizing it are two different entities, some persons and some administrations are far more ‘political ‘ than others making more obvious struggles.

    Morgan ( 1997 ) has tried the ways as how people can cover with struggles and came up with five classs of behavior, which was based around the grade to which an person is self-asserting or unassertive in trying to fulfill his/her concern, and if the person is able to fulfill concern of others, whether he/she is co-operative or non-cooperative.

    Unco-operative self-asserting people see organizational life as a battle that they must win.

    Unco-operative people who are non self-asserting will seek to maintain away from state of affairss where they have to cover straight with others.

    Unassertive but co-operative people will seek to suit the wants of others.

    Those who are non peculiarly self-asserting, but who are prepared to co-operate with others to some extent, will look to negociate acceptable via medias.

    Peoples who are both co-operative and self-asserting will undertake differences and suggest positive new solutions that allow them and others to acquire what they want.

    Processualists try to set up schemes as a consequence of the method of political activity among the concerned stakeholders and the directors. Processual schemes usually define as the procedures dimension as a turning and the results dimension is pluralism.

    ( Lecturer ‘s Notes )

    Due to the development in the criterions of life and instruction, it is of import for administrations to be seen to take history of stakeholders and non merely stockholders, since the industry societies have become more unrealistic.

    Stacey ( 1996 ) integrates ‘organisational context ‘ and ‘the effects of single psychological science ‘ with the ‘processes of decision-making and control ‘.

    Stacey ‘s ( 1996 ) identifies four loops these are: –

    The rational cringle which is usually discover-choose-act, this is where we have to do analysis of the strategic place of the entity. This is the formation of schemes, choosing and eventually implementing them.

    The rational cringle is basically ‘unitary ‘. The result of this cringle is that really good thoughts can be left out because of being rigorous. Decisions made may be somewhat faster every bit good as the house will travel towards one way, because of the integrity in the administration.

    Schemes will be based on the information that will be done on the analysis of the administration. The deduction can either be a positive or negative consequence.

    The open political relations cringle, these are persons in the administrations where they use their power separately to act upon events, or groups might be formed. These can be alliances of the same minded people or people although they do n’t portion the same involvement, but are willing to move together in the short term to oppose others.

    The political procedure is ‘overt ‘ intending its portion of inevitable bargaining for resources in the administration. Some of the deductions can be:

    There will hold low productiveness, the staff will be de-motivated, high staff turnover hence the administration will non be able to accomplish its ends. The determination devising is really rapid because they are safeguarding their involvement.

    The cultural and knowledge cringle, sustains the unitary administration in its shared mental values, this means persons within that administration would wish to retain that manner of civilization, if the civilization is challenged, for illustration, if a new individual is appointed who tries to near issues with different methods and ways on how the work is supposed to be done. In this manner contradictions and struggles will get down, and the unitary administration begins to break up into pluralism. The deductions are it may impede creativeness because there is no alteration, and the advancement will stay changeless.

    Covert political relations loop it describes on how a individual will response to contradiction and struggles. As people fear failure and challenges originating from alteration and travel back the manner they know like the old methods. In this manner they form a group, they try to take the struggle by coercing out those elements that are believed to be the cause of it.

    Peoples form confederations to take actions and do them experience safe once more and some of the deductions are as follows ; productiveness is most likely to travel down, the productiveness is likely to travel down, determinations doing will be slowed down and new undertakings are non likely to come.

    ‘Public sector ‘ decision-making ‘ has to be taken into history the differing universe positions that are held by the professional service suppliers in the populace sector and the representatives of the communities that the populace sector is supposed to function. Then, among the suppliers there are many different groups who each have their ain strategic penchants, and among the representatives there are people from really miscellaneous communities, with different demands and wants. An added trouble is when most of the resources for the proviso of local community services are channelled through cardinal authorities, the revenue enhancements holding been collected nationally instead than locally.

    ( SIM336 Module Workbook, 2011 )

    Question 2 ( B )

    I would hold chosen the Whittington ‘s ‘classicalA’school of idea in Honda Motors because it ‘s traveling to give me a clear position of where Honda Motors current place in the market. As I shall be able to utilize different analysis such as the SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Porters 5 analysis and Porters value concatenation analysis. With different analysis I shall be able to bring forth a clear study on what Honda Motors require to make, and what schemes to utilize in order to bring forth good grosss, maintaining in head what my rivals are up to, clients demands, looking for ways of being advanced in footings of technologically, design, come up with better engines such as the CVCC. It shall give me a better apprehension of the primary and the secondary activities, and what is required in each activity for better betterments.

    While Whittington ‘s ‘processual ‘ school of idea will steer me on person who have different powers and how their utilizing of power will hold an impact on the organisation. As there are different persons who have different behavior, some are co-operative and some are non, while others are willing to alter and others are relentless. With that Stacey ( 1996 ) tries to incorporate ‘organizational context ‘and ‘the effects of single physiologyA? and the ‘processes of determination devising and controlA?

    I would take both the school of ideas as its traveling to help me at Honda Motors, because I will be able to acquire a clear image of Honda Motors every bit good as how to manage different people with different behaviors.

    Question 3

    Systematic strategians see an administration as a complex intentionally entity whose endurance and prosperity depends on doing appropriate and productive relationships with its environment. Harmonizing to Marrington ( 1982 ) a concern administration is a complex system comparatively unfastened to the environment and dependent upon it for the throughput of energy that ensures its endurance. It is composed of a hierarchy of subsystems that are all interrelated in some manner.

    Some of the deductions of these cultural dimensions for international strategic directors at Honda Motors in constructing productive relationships with the outside universe

    One of the most often cited pieces of research is by Geert Hofstede ( 1993 ) ‘Cultural

    Constraints in direction theories ‘. He proposed, amongst other things, that different civilizations differ most greatly in five dimensions. We are interested in this because planetary strategic direction is conducted in a community of directors from all over the universe, and its success depends on clear communicating and apprehension between them. Second, international strategic direction means doing close concern connexions across national boundaries, in which better cognition of the worldview of the directors on the other side can merely be helpful.

    In our instance where Kawamoto ‘s new thoughts were important, he established a clear hierarchy at executive degree, with two taking executives fall ining him organize an inmost leading circle. Honda ‘s planetary direction construction was reorganized with clear and direct lines of duty to the top direction group. Besides when Kawamoto came up with joint board room, which helped promoting executives to speak about their jobs and solutions with each other, and to fix the younger directors for the twenty-four hours when laminitiss will retire.


    Porter, M.E ( 1980 ) Competitive scheme: Techniques for Analyzing industries and Rivals, Free Press, New York.

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