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    Rebel Without a Cause Essay

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    Scaffold for Year 10 Oral Assessment Task Introduction: -introduce the value/values or idea/s you plan to talk about ? friendship Friendship is represented in both the 1967 novel ‘The Outsiders’ by S. E. Hinton and the 1955 film ‘Rebel without a Cause” directed by Nicolas Ray. The value friendship is represented in ‘The Outsiders’ through the Greasers gang, this includes; Pony boy, Johnny, Dally, Darry, Soda, Two-Bits Mathew and Randle. This value is represented in ‘Rebel without a cause’ through Jim Stark, Judy, Plato and Jim’s dad. Part 1: Overview of the what the film is about (no more than 1 or 2 sentences) and the context of the film (2-3sentences) ‘Rebel without a Cause’ is a film about a rebellious 17 year old teenager, James ‘Jim’ Stark, who moves to Los Angeles with his parents, after an incident which happened at where he used to live. Here he meets two other teenagers that have their own problems at home, Judy and Plato. As they all form a bond of friendship, problems at home get worse for each character. -Where do we see this value in the film? Friendship is represented in two different forms in this film.

    One form is between Buzz, Judy and their friends. This form of friendship is through peer-pressure, each character cannot be themselves, as they all pressure each other, to do things they each might not be comfortable with. This form of friendship contrasts with the friendship between Jim, Judy and Plato, as between these three characters the friendship is based on them, and they can all be themselves around one another, instead of pretending to be someone else. Jim’s dad has a different view on friendship though, he values traditional values, like sensibility and carefulness and he also wants him to choose his own friends. What film techniques are used to convey this value in these scenes? A high angle shot looking down at Plato while Jim, Judy and Plato explores the ‘castle’. This conveys that Plato is vulnerable, and he is like Jim and Judy’s child, and that they all have a strong relationship, often like a family, as their own families have problems. After Plato lights the lamp, he says ‘we will be safe here’, this is ironic as the castle is a dark and foreboding. What he says conveys that he trusts his safety in his friends. Eye level shots are used on Jim and Judy, to show that they are on the same level. How does the context of the film affect the way this value is represented? The context of the film affect the way friendship is represented because at this time of the post war period, friendship was very important to teenagers, because they are more freedom and independence and could spend more time away from their families. -What is the director’s purpose in representing the value in this way? The director Nicolas Ray attempts to convey that teenagers have different views about friendship and how important it is for all teenagers. Part 2 -Give a brief over view of the novel’s plot and context? The outsiders’ is a novel about a gang of lower class teenage boys called the greasers. They often fight with an upper class gang called socs. The boys don’t have families or have many problems with them. Pony boy and Johnny are the youngest of the gang, after a fight with the socs, Johnny accidently kills one of them, him and Johnny runs away, eventually Johnny turns himself in while, and Pony boy is reunited with his family and friends. A while later Johnny dies, one of the other greasers, Dally commits suicide because he can’t live without Johnny In which part or parts of the novel is this value or idea conveyed to the reader? Friendship is represented in this novel through the greaser’s gang. Although they are all different ages they all stay friends. They support each other through hard family times, for example; during the novel. Friendship is especially shown when Ponyboy runs away to hide with Johnny, so that Johnny don’t get into trouble with the police after killing a socs. Johnny shows that he cares about Ponyboy, but taking him back home to be with his two brothers.

    At the end of the novel, friendship is shown by Dally, committing suicide, as he can’t handle to live without Johnny. -How is it conveyed? (refer to language techniques) -How does the context of the novel affect the way this value or idea is represented This novel was set during the post war period, this was a time when independence and rebelling against parents and law was more important than doing the right thing, during these times of independence, and teenagers needed friendship more than anything else. What is the author’s purpose in representing the value in the way? -Is the novel making the same point about the value or ideas as the film? If so, how? If it is making a different point about the value or idea, how is it different? The novel ‘the outsiders’ is making the same point about friendship as the film ‘rebel without a cause’ as they both convey the idea that during this time, friendship was very important to all teenagers as they are more independent and spend more time away from their families, and aren’t as close.

    Conclusion: In your conclusion, you should explain the points you have made support your overarching argument or thesis statement about your chosen value or idea. You should use your evidence to make a final statement about what the composer of each text is saying about American society at the time in which the text is set and whether the two texts are saying similar or different things about the nature of 20th century American society.

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