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    Ras Al Khaimah Essay

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    News from the secondary and primary  Principals note. -The next two pages show the school newsletter and some information regarding it before I carry on to the rest of the analysis. On this page is a print screen of the school newsletter on the school’s web-site. It is in colour here, even though the original newsletter is in black and white format. As you can see the newsletter is bland and contains more writing then pictures and from the questionnaires I know that students want:  More pictures then information  More interactive such as competitions, games  A good layout with colour.

    The print screen shows secondary news, and as you can see it is in black and white format with no pictures or even graphics and all the writing in one kind of word format is very boring. I can see many ways of improving this to satisfy the students. The next page shows the newsletter as it is distributed in black and white format. The Rakess Update: I have mentioned the Rakess Update before, I regard it as the main existing system, even though it stopped being produced about a year ago, copies are still left around the school and nearly everyone has a copy at home.

    It was the main source of information for RAKESS of entertainment information. Public Magazines: I have included Public Magazines as these are an existing system as they give information to the client on entertainment and media guides. Data: I’m going to produce a media/entertainment magazine aimed can be aimed at secondary school students that will be aimed at Rakess, but I will try to aim at all school students in any environment. It will be used by students in secondary, based on an entertainment magazine such as Empire or perhaps smaller magazines such as “What’s On” and will be in colour format.

    I intend to produce one sample magazine as I plan to produce as my main I. T project to go with the sample magazine a template package on CD-Rom. The template package will be based on the idea “Make your own magazine” which anyone can use to produce a magazine each year efficiently. It will include a number of templates for students to use and pictures and perhaps different styles of fonts, so all the next producers of the magazine will have to do is to add the writing and a few new pictures each time the magazine is produced.

    The sample magazine is to give evidence and help to the next users so they can have a guideline. Producing a CD-Rom for the next user, is basically a way of being to produce and keep the magazine going thorough out the school. If the magazine is successful, I intend to produce a web-site which after producing the magazine will seem easy as I have to simply put what I have on to a web-page and it will make the magazine computer friendly and also making a CD-Rom, magazine and website will make the project available to everyone in the school which ever way they use it.

    I will use ideas from other magazines such as reviews, requests, interviews to make the magazine as entertaining as possible, but I will make the content as up to date as possible. I will research CD-Rom packages to see whether I can produce something that is useful for the next producer, but as producing a CD-Rom package is too complex, I will produce one that is a basic skeleton to a package that can still be helpful. Inputs of the Existing System: The inputs of the existing system are currently the following items that are collected and used.

    The School newsletter: The school newsletter does not currently have a lot of information on entertainment or media. I intend to improve from the school newsletter, as it only contains information about the school, but I think entertainment information and media based for the students is more for the school then about the school. The exact inputs that are put in to the processing of the newsletter are: * Secondary and Primary News which contains information on the happenings in both the primary and the secondary such as exams, clubs etc.

    From the Principal which is a few notes that are directly from the Headmistress- basically a note to the parents about fees, etc.  Upcoming events which is a column, that basically regards what is happening in the school, such as plays, concerts and recitals.  Awards which names the students that have won awards Commendations and Certificates about what students have achieved something in the school such as a swimming badge etc. The Rakess Update: The Rakess Update that currently out of use, did have some pages on entertainment and media.

    Its content was not in -depth. I am using an example of one of the Update’s to show what it exactly included:  An entertainment page with information on films and music An interview with usually an important business contact from an influential business in Ras Al Khaimah.  News features from the school such as an article from Sports Day with pictures. A games page with a simple selection of games for primary clients. This is usually what the main features are in the Rakess Update, but sometimes other features are added if the time of publishing is extended.

    Even though I cannot find out the processes or storage of the public magazines of the U. A. E I will add it into the Inputs as it is an entertainment and therefore can be included as an existing system. Public Magazines: There are some good entertainment magazines in the U. A. E such as Gulf Entertainment that is a popular magazine distributed throughout the U. A. E and contains reviews, public opinions, interviews and news. The layout is in colour so it is entertaining to look at. I would like to base my magazine as it is not world-wide and is based on a magazine like Empire which is world-wide and so very in-depth.

    I would like my magazine to be entertaining and based entirely at a school environment, as I would like to involve the students in making opinions and submitting reviews. Processes of the Existing System: After researching the existing systems I found out that currently the information in the existing systems are processed in the following manner. I have not added the Public Magazines as publishing and storage information is private to the business: The School newsletter: The school newsletter as it is in black and white and does not contain any scanned photos or pictures, as is simply made by using a simple template in Publisher.

    There is no scanner or digital camera used, and the information is collected from the school such as awards, clubs etc. and it is then written up into the template. The Rakess Update: The Rakess Update as it was produced differently each term, had no basic template or design stored on a computer. So when class produced the update, it would be in a different layout each time. This made the Update a lot longer to produce but when I produce my new system I intend to have a template and a basic layout. The Rakess Update did use colour graphics, and it had access to a digital camera, so pictures of students could be scanned on to the update.

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