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    Raisin in the Sun: The Symbolism of Dreams

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    Significance of dreams in Raisin in the Sun. What dreams do the major characters have and what widen do the younger carry through their dream?

    Raisin in the Sun drama was written by Lorraine Hansberry. This drama ‘s cardinal secret plan revolves around accomplishment of dreams, battle against racism Discrimination and importance of household and relationship. In this drama Lorraine Hansberry narrates differences between dreams of people from same race, even from same household but of different age, different instruction backgrounds excessively. Raisin in the Sun is a drama which revolves around African-American family’s battle to travel out from ghetto and about whole family’s dream. This drama is based on author’s ain experiences.Most of all characters existent.

    In this drama whole household has their ain dreams and aspiration for better life. This dreams and aspiration are non limited to their race, but it can be seen in individuals from assorted backgrounds. Here perceptual experience of better life is different for every character in drama but implicit in want is same, to acquire a better life.IN this drama chief characters are Lena, Walter, Ruth, and Beneath Younger. All lives in same house but their heads are wholly different. Each of them wants to make different things, want to pass money in different manner. Here money came from Lena’s husband’s decease insurance. Lena was Mrs. Younger and she was caput of household after decease of Mr. Younger and she was spiritual, moral and consecutive adult female. Walter was Lena’s boy. Walter was a dreamer and wanted to go rich every bit shortly as possible and wants to get his family’s wealth for his concern with his friends. Beneatha is Walter’s sister and Mama ( Lena’s ) girl. She was 20 old ages old bright pupil and was most educated individual in whole younger household. Ruth is Walter’s married woman. She was invariably contending against poorness from really get downing but mentally really strong adult female.

    After decease of Walter sr. ( Lena’s hubby ) they heard about insurance claim and dreamed to utilize that money in their ain manner. Walter’s dreamed to get down a Liquor store with aid of Insurance’s money, Beneatha dreamed to utilize this money in her instruction and wanted to go a physician. Ruth wanted this money to go affluent and pass it over.And chief character, caput of the house Lena wanted to purchase a new large house where she and her household can populate peacefully, where she can bask horticulture and pass her life swimmingly. When Lena acquire 10000 dollar’s cheque she decided to purchase a 3000 dollar’s house in Clybourne Park where all neighbours are white. She besides wants to set sufficient sum in bank for Beneatha survey to go a physician. Lena’s dreams were consecutive frontward and simple with maintaining all household members’ dreams in head. She did all things as planned and surprised household with it. She thought all will be really happy. All became happy after cognizing about Lena’s measure except Walter.

    Walter was sad and disquieted after watching her female parent spends money for house and even for Beneatha survey but dint gave him money for Liquor store. He asked Lena about it. Lena was really sort and she can’t see her boy in problem or sad so she decided to give remainder sum to Walter though she disliked his program. .After all all she wanted is whole family’s felicity. Walter did non merely put money from his stack but besides invested money which were supposed to maintain aside for Beneatha’s medical survey. Walter gave money to his friends for puting up Liquor store and to acquire Liquor shop’s licence. But his friends cheated him and fled off with money. Ruth was pregnant while Walter lost his money and besides his aspiration. Ruth was sort adult female so she forgave Walter and advised him to bury yesteryear and travel for new beginning. Ruth besides wanted to go affluent but she accepts the world and supports his hubby. As mentioned earlier “differences between dreams of people from same race, even from same household but of different age, different instruction background and from different mindset.” Can be seen here as less educate Walter put full trust on his friend for speedy money and concern, Educated miss Beneatha wants to analyze, Ruth wants luxury and old frailty Mama wants house.

    After all this Beneatha came to cognize that Walter did non set money in bank for her survey, she was really disquieted and left the program of going a physician. During this clip her friend Asagai came and asked Beneath hat What if her male parent was still alive? .He told Beneath to bury about that 10 thousand dollar and maintain traveling. As these things raised a hope in Beneatha and she studied difficult. Meanwhile she besides came to cognize that she was in love with Asagai and wanted to get married him. Besides Beneatha wanted to make medical internship with Asagai in Nigeria which is Asagai’s fatherland.

    Till this phase, we can see Walter younger got his bend to carry through his dream but he can non carry through it as his friends cheated him. Following to this ground his married woman Ruth Younger besides supposed to bury about her dream as her hubby ruined all money. Beneath, Walter’s sister was besides approximately to destroy her calling and bury dream due to Walter’s error merely but someway her friend Asagai helped her out and raised a hope in Beneath to carry through her dream to go a physician. Mrs. Younger’s dream about her new house was partially completed but she was non happy with what happened with remainder of money and besides there was a job with their new house. They all Mama, Walter, Beneath had different dreams in get downing but after losing money on Walter ‘s dream Walter and his married woman Ruth ruined their dreams and Walter ‘s sister Beneath was besides approximately to destroy her dream but with aid of her friend she someway managed to carry through her dream. So, now all wanted to carry through Mrs. Younger’s dream merely to acquire their ain new house which has yard excessively.

    There was another job excessively on younger household except money job. It was with their new place. Mr.Lindner was local white leader of country where younger bought their new place. He ( Mr. Lindner ) didn’t want younger to travel to Clybourne country as their tegument was black. Mr. Lindner tried to acquire house back via giving payoff, inquiring younger to sell it at higher monetary value and even by endangering them. But after buying Mrs. Younger’s dream house, younger’s been non in temper of losing the house and fight back with Mr.Lindner and local governments. In this fight whole household stood together for Mrs. Younger’s dream as they realized the value of household and relationship after Walter acquiring lose in concern and

    Beneath found her manner.

    Below is decision about “what extend do the younger carry through their dream? ”

    In the terminal of play household moved to new place to get down all over and acquire a new life. Though it was non easy to get down all over and forgot past. But they started as their life had merely begun.

    In this drama we can reason that Walter ‘s dream does non carry through as he acquire his opportunity but ruined money due to Failed programs and false trust. Walter’s married woman Ruth’s dream besides does non carry through as Walter ruined all left money and there was no hope to carry through her dream. She did non acquire her opportunity to carry through her dream. Walter’s sister and Mama ‘s girl Beneatha got her opportunity as her Mama gave him sufficient sum for medical instruction but her brother Walter ruined her dream via puting her money excessively in Liquor concern without stating anyone about it. But with aid of her friend she

    Somehow managed non to give up and continued to trail her dream. But when there was a inquiry on dream of household ‘s anchor Mrs. Lena Younger all stood by her side and battle against racism and achieved their dream. Here they all won against racism and fulfilled Mrs. Lena ‘s dream. But in the terminal that dream of having a place with pace is non merely dream of Mrs. Younger. It was dream of her boy Walter, her girl Beneatha, her girl in jurisprudence Ruth ‘s dream excessively.

    So, In the terminal all household members can non accomplish their end, fulfilled their dream but as a cosmopolitan dream they fulfilled whole Family’s dream.

    Lorraine Hansberry tried to demo topographic point of dreams, aspirations, forgiveness and integrity and their power in life.

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