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    Psychology of Motivation Assignment Essay

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    Upon analyzing my inner ego. I have realized that I have a twosome of behavioural surpluss that I want to diminish. Firstly. I have realized that I have the inclination to detain things and delay for the deadline to be near before I do my assignments. both at place and in school. Though I still meet the demands. the whole cramming concern normally puts me at great emphasis after the work has been done. Another is my inclination to acquire easy irritated. When I am under force per unit area. I hate people trouble oneselfing me. which sometimes lead to misinterpretations between me and my siblings. friends and schoolmates.

    On the other manus. I have merely one dominant behavioural shortage that I want to get the better of and that is my inclination to maintain soundless even if I know that my thought is better than what has been presented. I am non a really self-asserting individual and I normally accept what others would hold to state alternatively of take a firm standing mine. The most plausible cause of my first identified behavioural surplus is the wages that I am acquiring in the signifier of high tonss every clip I do my assignments near the deadline.

    I have noticed that my head works best when under force per unit area. When I was still in my simple old ages. I used to make my assignments instantly upon reception of the advice coming from my instructor. Unfortunately. the consequences are non every bit good as those undertakings that I accomplish near the deadline. I have besides noticed that my thoughts are improbably free fluxing when I am under force per unit area. The high academic evaluations that I earned out of the cramming concern have reinforced me to get down making my assignments near the set deadlines.

    Unfortunately. now that I am already in my college old ages. the undertakings that I need to carry through started to stack up and the emphasis I experience out of the state of affairs is sometimes difficult to bear physically as it drains my energy. On the other manus. the 2nd behavioural surplus that I have identified above is perchance caused by emphasis. It is connected with my inclination to detain carry throughing undertakings. therefore. when in utmost force per unit area. I tend to peck and easy acquire annoyed. This is unhealthy for me every bit far as my relationship with my siblings. schoolmates and friends are concerned.

    If is continue to make this. I will free my friends and my intimacy with my siblings will be affected every bit good. I truly need to diminish this negative behaviour by commanding my pique. Likewise. the shortage that I have identified to be overcome is perchance caused by the manner our parents reared us. As a kid. I remembered that I was non given much freedom to show my ego and allow my sentiments on certain things be heard. If of all time I do some divergences. I get scolded. These negative experiences have led me to accept what other people have to state alternatively of take a firm standing on what I believe.

    Using the ego control plan. I think the most efficient scheme to do myself perpetrate to this purpose of commanding my behavioural surpluss is to state others and do them cognizant of my purposes. By making this. I will be obliged to sacredly follow my committedness. I will do a day-to-day agenda with realistic timelines so that I will hold clear marks and guarantee prioritization of of import things. By carry throughing the undertakings and things to make harmonizing to the planned agenda. I could be stress free and therefore. avoid acquiring annoyed instantly. In instance I fail to run into a certain mark. I will abstain from go toing a scheduled merriment activity.

    This will function as my penalty for holding failed to run into my end. On the other manus. I will handle myself to a new book in instance I systematically run into my marks. I will supervise my advancement on a monthly footing until such clip that my purpose becomes a wont. In get the better ofing my behaviour shortage. I will get down fall ining groups where exchange of thoughts is frequent. My mark is to show my sentiment at least one time in every subject being discussed. The wages that I will derive here will be in the signifier of self fulfilment. The lone obstruction that I have seen here is fright of rejection but I think the wages is worth the hazard.

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