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    Psychological Disorder Binge Eating

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    Binge Eating Disorder

    Dictionary online defines Binge Eating as, the consumption of large quantities of food in a short period of time, typically as part of an eating disorder. A Binge eater will most often eat alone, because there is shame, and guilt associated with this type of disorder. Feelings of embarrassment, and disgust with oneself are associated as well.

    According to “3.1 million people in the world are affected by this disorder. It is a very common eating disorder in the United States. About 3.5% of women, 2% of men, and 1.6% of adolescents.” There are differences though. For women it is most prevalent in early adult years, and men when they are in their midlife.

    Binge eating is life threatening, but is treatable, once diagnosed by a professional. The cycle of binge eating is not one that is constant and is usually brought on by a stressful event. On average it occurs about once per week in 3-month intervals. Binge eating has shown to cause isolation in its victims. Isolation is when you purposely separate from others, by choice, and Emotional isolation occurs when people keep their feelings to themselves, do not allow themselves to receive emotional support from others. A person can have a lack of willingness to share their feelings and experiences with others.

    Binge Eating Disorder Thesis

    Binge eating is a disorder characterized by bouts of over eating bought on by stressful and traumatic situations it can be life threatening and professional help should be sought to correct the underline cause.

    Treatment of Binge Eating Disorder

    While Binge Eating can be life threatening, there is help. The first goal of finding a solution to any problem is understanding that there is a problem. Once you identify the problem you can formulate a plan of action. With binge eating the goal is to get the person to a healthy state of being. Fix the underlying issues (the cause, or the root) then tackle the problem (the affect). With most disorders there can be several different treatments.

    Based on the person, and the reason why they are binge eating, will determine how to treat it. Binge eating has been treated with Dialectical Therapy, which helps a person learn how to cope with stressors and helps control your emotions. Sometimes medications can be used if the situation is out of control. The medication most often used, is Topamax, which is also a medication used to control seizures.

    The National Center for Biotechnology Information states “that the use of Topamax, induces weight loss by stimulating energy expenditure, decreasing binge eating by altering the rewarding properties of food, and reducing general impulsivity.” However, the most effective treatments are still Cognitive Behavorial Therapy, and Interpersonal Psychotherapy. They both focus on coping mechanisms and helps to improve interpersonal relationships with the affected person. Sometimes the episodes are brought on by bouts of depression, or a tragic situation.

    A matter that a person cannot control. Since they feel as though they cannot control the situation that is causing the distress, they try to control something, and then the binge eating starts. There are other options still such as avoiding dieting. Most times when a person is dieting they are not getting all the nutrients needed to sustain themselves. You need to eat a balanced diet, to function properly. Eat breakfast. Skipping meals can cause you to binge at later meals, because you skipped a meal. Try to eat smaller meals throughout the day, and not just one or two. Arrange your life. This means get rid of toxic people and situations.

    People can stress you out to the point where you do feel out of control. We know we cannot change a person, and their toxic behavior, so its best that we remove them from our lives. Just because you remove yourself from those situations, does not mean isolate. Isolation may trigger an episode, remember binge eating is a solitary disease. Get out get active. Exercising will help stimulate your endorphins (the feel-good chemical in the brain.)

    Why I Chose Binge Eating Disorder

    I chose Binge Eating Disorder for two reasons. I personally know someone who has gone through this disorder. For two, I honestly believe that it is a major issue within the United States, because of high obesity rates, and diabetes. I mostly chose this topic for personal reasons. My little brother went through it.

    He was 13, and was very unhappy, with himself, and school, and his personal relationships with people. He went through this for years. It was very hard to see my brother in this state. He would sneak and eat when he thought no one was watching, and if he became stressed it was worse. He gained so much weight that the doctors told my mom that he had onset early diabetes.

    He had acanthosis, on the back of his neck, and his armpits. He was depressed. To see him so young going through this was hard on our entire family. My mom changed up his lifestyle. We got him active, with boxing, and marching band to keep him socialized, and in a safe environment. We even went to a couple of talk therapy sessions as a family, cause the way we had to understand it, is that it was not just his problem it was a family issue. Binge eating is solitary because of the shame, we had to be there an bring it out in the open for my brother to heal, as a family.

    He got the therapy, and support that he needed, and is much better now. He has learned what his triggers are, and how to confront issues in a healthy manner when he feels triggered. We learned that he would keep things in, and not discuss them, until he had an episode. Now, when things happen we handle them right then, so they don’t pile up, and cause triggers. He’s good now, but I know that if he didn’t get therapy he would have gotten sicker, mentally, and physically.


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