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    Professionalism in Healthcare (453 words)

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    Professionalism is important in the workplace, especially while working in the hospital as a surgical technician. The conversations the surgical technician has day to day may require them to communicate; whether that is written in documents, verbally in the operating room, or any other colleague interaction. Professionalism also requires teamwork in the clinical setting which is important because it introduces leadership and effective feedback. Professionalism entails punctuality and attendance. These are main points why professionalism is important in the hospital. Lastly, professionalism displays psychological and mental stability as well as the environment you grew up in.

    Communication is an effective tool in order to set the standard of professionalism in the workplace. Communicating via paperwork ensures correct care is provided to the patient. That may be correct dosage of anesthesia, wishes from the family, or religious background. Communication also comes into play when speaking to colleagues. Being about to be transparent about procedures, constructive criticism from a superior, and respecting the superior’s decisions are key factors when working in the hospital. Communication is important to someone else development. New surgical technicians have little to no experience in the field. Strong support and communication makes a surgical technician a role model and care for the job.

    Communication is crucial when a surgical technician realized a mistake has been made. It is evident that pointing out a mistake is uncomfortable. A surgical technologist must have the maturity to speak to the surgeon or staff if an error occurs. This shows a stature of respect for the patient and facility. Errors may prolong a surgery, cost the hospital equipment and resources, or even put an employees job on the line. However, even with these weights pressuring an employee to stay quiet, speaking up displays ethical conscience. Practicing ethical conscience and integrity displays care for the patient and maturity to improve.

    Punctuality and attendance plays a key role in professionalism in the workplace. In fact, punctuality not only displays an attitude of resect for the employer, it is also evident in the self worth and diligence one may have in completing the professional responsibility. Attendance conveys the care you have for the craft you have invested time and money in. Lastly, Punctuality simply shows the competence as a surgical technician through time management and prioritizing what is important in the career you’ve chosen. Competence also includes having a good attitude in a meeting, dressing appropriately, and maintaining a standard of personal hygiene. Poor hygiene reflects lack of self-respect which has a possibility of influencing decision making in the workplace. Poor hygiene most importantly can conflict with surgeries such as chemical use, cleanliness, and how close you will be working with coworkers standing at the table.

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