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    Pro Life And Pro Choice Essay (441 words)

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    Abortion is a world-wide, controversial issue in our society today. Many people believe that abortion is the choice of the woman and that it should remain legal, these people are Pro-Choice protesters. While on the other hand, people who believe that abortion is murder and that it should be illegal in the United States are Pro-life protesters. Although they have similarities, the differences among Pro-life and Pro-choice are evident in the matters of religion, medical safety, the constitution, and adoption. Pro-life and Pro-choice both use religion as the foundation of their arguments.

    Pro-life uses religion to state that abortion is murder in the holy bible and therefore a sin .Thus, the women who commit this sin will be condemned to hell. While, Pro-choice argues that abortion isn’t murder since the fetus has not yet developed. Therefore, the mother didn’t kill anyone and won’t be punished by God. The Pro-life argument of religion states that all life has the right to live. Hence, abortion is used as one type of contraception, giving the child no chance at life.

    Against this, Pro-choice advocates believe that women have the right to decide. Catholics view abortion as “grave evil” while on the other hand, Islam views abortion as acceptable if the mother’s life is in immediate danger. An example of this danger could be if a woman is in fear of being killed due to her pregnancy or if a woman would not make it through labor. Islam’s view on rape is that the child shouldn’t be terminated just because of the mother’s situation so therefore, forgiveness over abortions due to rape is denied. This symbolizes the two groups; Pro-life and pro-choice, because, most of the Pro-life group consists of Baptists and Catholics while Pro-choice c. .

    ve ideas behind declining abortion rates but, do not see eye to eye on how to result in lower percentages along with the different opinions on the relation between abortion and adoption. Abortion rates are higher than they have ever been with young women being in the top percentile of the population. Protesters view abortion and women’s right extremely differently resulting in two major sides, Pro-choice and Pro-life. Pro-choice believes that the women has the decision to terminate the pregnancy without committing a murder because, it considered just a fetus. Against this, Pro-life argues that abortion is never the answer and that it can always be avoided no matter the situation because, the child has a right to life and terminating it is a murder. Pro-life and Pro-choice display their argument by factors of religion, medical safety, the constitution and adoption.

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