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    Primary health care Primary health care is a universal health which is connected with global seminar held at Alma Ata in 1978

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    Primary health care

    Primary health care is a universal health which is connected with global seminar held at Alma Ata in 1978, the conference that encouraged the initiative “Health for all by the year 2000” (WHO, 1978). When a patient/client is suffering from a disease or illness he/she is given the first line of care which is called primary health care. Earth dwellers have their own meaning of primary health care, where one might say that it is a way of endorsing health and the other one might say it is a way of creating health awareness through defending the diseases. Community associates work hand in hand in order to receive as much health amenities they need, because in this 21st century there are so many diseases that are been spread widely amongst every individual and its high time to minimize those diseases in order to live a healthy life. This enables the community and its people to take full control of the decisions they make regarding their health which is important to ones and it also encourages them to take responsibilities towards their own physical body. This care stresses more on prevention and are based on practical, scientifically sound, culturally appropriate, and socially acceptable procedures. In a community these cares are provided within their level which are accessible and are affordable to them. The main aim of primary health care is to accomplish enhanced health services to all the people for their wellbeing. This helps in the reduction of diseases in the community. Thus, this essay will elaborate more on WHO declaration and its charters, how it is related to primary health care, how these are being implemented in Fiji and the components of primary health care alongside community health nursing.
    To begin with, in 1978 primary health care turn out to be an essential principle for WHO, embracing of the declaration of Alma-Ata. Major appraisal suggested that many in the worldwide health community measured primary health care to be critical for reasonable progress in health. Crucial actions were taken by the government officials the need of protecting and promoting of health of all the people. This was the principal international declaration that underlines the significance of primary health care. Those gathering determinedly restates that health, which is a state from calming finish physical, mental and also social wellbeing, is not only been done on the absence of diseases but is a superfluous human right. Main health issues are addressed in the community, which offers primitive, defensive, healing and rehabilitative services. Here all the individual has constitutional rights to achieve the highest level of health equal opportunity in all nations. Reduction of health issues does play an important role in the primary health care (Plos One, 2014). They mobilize conference of primary health care movement commenced for example, organization, intuitions and government.
    The first international conference for health promotion was held in Ottawa, Canada in November, 1986. These conference was done to reinforce promotion principles and practices like supportive environments. Aim was to recognize activities to attain goals of WHO. The 5 principles of primary health care are accessibility, community participation, health promotion and proper use of technologies. Accessibilities makes sure that every individual gets better excess to services which are cheap and provides equality amongst others. This doesn’t mean that people have to be rich in order to get this services as this is to all the people regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity and race. Community participation includes all the vital resources in promoting health and addressing of health issues at the grass roots level. Health promotion is helping of the community to lead a life of a healthy person. Using of technologies that are cheap and can be accepted by the people that helps in stabilizing the health is important as the other things. Health promotion helps ones to control and improve their health.
    In order for health to be much better it needs other health sectors such as collaboration from education sectors, agricultural sectors and other sectors which would complete this chain of improvement to the society in which we live in. peoples lives are improved by PHC. The other conference was held in July at Jakarta. This reflected back on all those things that were done in order to people to learn about health promotion, determinants and the strategies that should be considered. This tends to promote to the next generation so that they can benefit from all those resources. Emerging and re-emerging diseases were delted whereby many challenges were faced. Increasing of investments in areas where things needed to be at its right place was done for example food, health and economic.
    Fiji health sectors improvement program has been well implemented which has strong connective support that strengthens the capacity of minister of health. Equivalent rights and tasks are exercised in an obliging manner through the governing board. The Fiji school of nursing was strengthened with the formation of the straightforward nursing programme. Nacanieli Sosenbarari welcomed many changes in his village for the past 30 years. Now when he is in his 60s he does not live in a thatched bamboo hut but in a modern house. Has taps where clean water comes whereby he no longer drinks from the polluted nearby river. He also has a water seal flush toilet. These are the basic amenities which helped to improve the standard of living and the health of the villagers. “We have experienced the benefits of primary health care and it is important that every village in Fiji take primary health care seriously,” said by Sosenabararithis also have reduce sickness and fatal disease in the village. Decreased in death rate has spoken by itself that changes are good in terms of changing our way of living ( World Health Organization, volume 86, number 3, March2008).
    Crucial primary health care and community growth are two essential developments right now that tend to go hand in hand for the advancement of a country. The major building block of the health system are the health care workforce, where public health nurses and the community health nurses work hand in hand to make a difference in others life as it is said health is wealth so our greatest wealth is not having a lot of money in our banks but it is our health which we all need to take care of it. In the past, nurses used only to cure the diseases whether it was a major disease or small but now looking at our community health nurses and public health nurses in Fiji and other pacific islands the focus is on prevention of any disease and promotion of health. Now the health professionals work step by step with the nurses to cure the health of the people, whereas before the community health nurses were responsible in curing of the diseases. There are four main components of primary health care that has evolved the growth of community health practices which are equitable distribution, community participation, intersectoral collaboration and appropriate technologies. Many new and advanced technologies are been innovated, where the health and nutrition has improved. Life style are always changing due to time, community health nursing are growing day by day which has been developed to successfully meet the needs of the community and obtaining quality results of the people.
    In addition, to providing primary and preventive care, supports community health centers also helps to link with other systematic programs and services like social welfare, Medicaid, Infants and children’s supplementary nutrition program. Educating the public of preventing health problems is the main concern for the primary health care. They promote of healthy food supplies and proper nutrition in order to fulfill their starvation. Everyone knows that safe and clean water is important because if someone is drinking dirty water he/she can get sick which will deteriorate the health of that person and can cause harmful effects on the body. It has been seen that all the community health professionals takes his/her work seriously whereby they go to school and homes to give immunizations against major infectious diseases. The appropriate treatments of common diseases and injuries are been done properly. Equal distribution of the supplies are been done to meet people’s needs. The community also participates with other people taking responsibility for their own health and the community which they live in. The government are taking responsibilities to upgrade the roads and health care services so that the public can excess proper care of their health on time without having difficulties in reaching the health centers.
    To sum up, it can be said that primary health care nurses and community health care nurses are important as they play a major part in one’s life. Many fingers are been pointed towards nursing professions that they aren’t doing their jobs properly but they do not know that being a nurse is difficult. I have seen nurses in the hospital sacrificing their meal time in order to save someone’s life. There are many components that inspired primary health care, but the important example can be the Barefoot doctors of China. Primary health care is the first level of connection between the distinct and the health care professions.

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    Primary health care Primary health care is a universal health which is connected with global seminar held at Alma Ata in 1978. (2019, May 11). Retrieved from

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