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    Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy

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    Question Answer
    What are the two main types of energy? Potential Energy (PE) and Kinetic Energy (KE)
    What are the four examples of Potential Energy? Gravitational, Stored Mechanical, Chemical and Nuclear
    What is the energy that's stored energy? Potential Energy
    What energy in motion called? Kinetic Energy
    What type of Potential Energy is the energy of place or position? Gravitational
    A rock on the edge of a cliff is an example of which type of Potential Energy? Gravitational
    What is the energy stored in an object called? Stored Energy
    A stretched rubber band is an example of what type of Potential Energy? Elastic Energy
    What kind of energy is stored in the bonds between atoms called? Chemical Energy
    Gasoline for a car is an example of which type of Potential Energy? Chemical Energy
    What kind of energy is stored in the nucleus of an atom? Nuclear Energy
    What kind of Kinetic energy is of an object that's moving from one place to another called? Mechanical Energy
    The ability to do work is called what? Energy
    Electromagnetic energy that travels in transverse waves are called what? Radiant Energy
    Light is an example of which type of Kinetic Energy? Radiant
    The movement of molecules and atoms in a substance is called what? Thermal Energy
    Boiling water is an example of which Kinetic Energy? Thermal
    What is the movement of energy through substances in longitudinal waves called? Sound Energy
    Someone whispering is an example of which Kinetic Energy? Sound
    What type of Kinetic Energy is the movement of electrons called? Electrical Energy
    What type of Kinetic energy is turning on a hair dryer after you plug it in called? Electrical Energy
    What does MRS CENT G stand for? Mechanical, Radiant, Sound, Chemical, Electrical, Nuclear, Thermal, Gravitational
    What two things does Potential Energy depend on? Height and Weight
    The ____________ and _____________ the object is, the more PE it has. Higher and more weight
    What two things does Kinetic energy depends on? Speed and Mass

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