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    Position Paragraph Assignment Essay

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    As history props, the Stuart learned nothing from the Civil War. One would think that after hiding away, awaiting the day that England would decide to restore monarchy, they would have realized the faults in their fathers beliefs that had caused the disastrous civil war. Once they had reclaimed the throne from 1 1 years of Commonwealth. They followed the ways of their father, Charles, into the belief of the Divine Right of Kings. This made Parliament wonder, did the Stuart learn any thing from the Civil War?

    Charles was the first monarch after he Civil War. When parliament decided that England needed a king, Charles was called over from France where he had been hiding from Oliver Cromwell army. Charles was a hide-away Catholic, because he, unlike his father, was attempting to stay on parliaments good side. Creditableness religious tolerance, which gave him the ability to worship in the Catholic style, while keeping parliament happy.

    Although Cheerlead never went to the extremes of his predecessors, he still was a believer in the Divine Right of Kings, giving him, in is mind, full power over England, All in all, though Charles” was not a bad ruler to fix much of England’s problems, he still kept the beliefs of his father. As said by Judge Blackstone, The constitution of England had arrived to full vigor, and the true balance between liberty and prerogative was happily established by law, in the reign of King Charles the Condiments, unlike his brother Charles”, was just like his father. James believed, to the extreme, in the Divine right of Kings.

    Along With his previously stated belief, James also believed in Absolute Monarchy and was a devote Catholic. These three beliefs caused James” to be very much disliked by parliament, and therefore, the people. After putting up with two years of his reign. Parliament finally called in Mary, Compassionately daughter, and William Of Orange, her husband, to come and force James” to abdicate the throne. This change was welcome. Although James and his descendants, who are known as the Jackboots, tried to reclaim the throne they never succeeded, James” did not, in recorded history, learn any thing from his ethers mistakes.

    Both Charles and James were not the best monarchs England had ever seen. Both Charles and James were believers in the Divine Right Of Kings. Both Charles and James were images to their father. Charles was a hidden believer. He never showed his true motive until its time had come, even if many of those times never came to pass. James” was an open believer. Even more like his father, he did not care what people thought, and showed off his beliefs for all he was worth, which in his mind was a lot.

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