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    Popularity vs. Intelligence Essay

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    Intelligence vs. Popularity It might just be, that intelligence, is the way to help you get yourself to where you want to be in life. You shouldn’t be afraid to let your intellectual ability shine. You should embrace it in every way possible. Put yourself out there and definitely do not be afraid to fail. If you were to fail you must get back up and continue to fight for what you believe in, even if people think that it’s stupid. Intelligence, according to Dictionary. om, means the capacity for learning, reasoning, understanding, and similar forms of mental activity; aptitude in grasping truths, relationships, facts, meanings, etc. There are also many other different personal definitions people may have for intelligence. I believe that intelligence is more important than popularity because you can solve your own problems, you will always be able to rely on your intelligence to get you out of tight situations and carry you through life, and also your intelligence could most likely help you to gain popularity in the end.

    Is intelligence the key problem solving? I believe that it is indeed the key to solving the most complex to the simplest problems. In Flowers for Algernon, one way that Charlie Gordon shows his ability to solve problems is that he figures out how and why exactly both he and Algernon were and are unable to obtain the high level of intellectual ability they have. He noticed that Algernon’s intelligence was decreasing rapidly and it would continue to decrease over time. Charlie immediately asked for his own lab so he could research why exactly this was happening.

    He eventually found and that he too would begin a rapid decent in intelligence, but he did entirely what he could while he was smart to help the research for the next time this study was performed. One other example is when Dr. Nemur and Dr. Strauss help to find the way to make Charlie’s intellect increase through science, instead of through normal learning. Charlie was not very smart in the beginning and neither was the mouse they called Algernon. So they gave Algernon the surgery and it temporarily increased his intellect.

    The same exact surgery that was performed on Algernon, they performed on Charlie which temporarily solved the problem of the less intelligent people in the world. I know that in my life I am faced with many problems. In fact the other day my dad was faced with a problem at my grandparent’s house, while we were finishing their basement. We were going to be unable to put up any more drywall because there was no support were we wanted to place the drywall. So I suggested that we place a temporary support in the middle so we had something to screw the drywall into.

    My idea worked great and my dad was proud of me for my quick thinking and solving the problem so well. The only way to really get through life is to be fast on your feet, smart, and know how to solve the problem at hand. Using your intelligence to get you out of tight situations and to carry you through life are both good traits to have and be able to apply. Charlie Gordon applies this trait to help himself get out of a tough situation in the movie. He takes the news of his intelligence decline a positive way and uses it to its fullest while he still has it.

    Charlie then finds out why exactly this is happening and tells Dr. Strauss and Dr. Nemur so they can attempt to fix the flaws that Charlie has found in there equation. Charlie also applies the trait of intelligence to help carry himself through life by making one simple order change in the way the machines at the factory, Charlie works in, are set up. It saves the owner a possible 10,000 dollars with a few simple adjustments. This earns Charlie a raise and helps him to realize that he can continue to apply his intellectual ability to get him through life.

    I have also used my intelligence to get me out of tight situations that have occurred with me over the past 14 years of my life. An example is when my cousins Alex and were going to get in huge trouble for breaking his friends lacrosse stick because the screw had broken. I ran really fast into the garage and grabbed another small screw that I saw on a shelf and screwed it into the stick and fixed it right before his friend arrived to pick up his stick. It was a very scary situation that could’ve easily ended very badly if it wasn’t for my quick thinking and reaction time.

    The way to not get in trouble and to get through your life with minimum problems is to rely your intelligence to help you stay out of tight situations or get you out the those situations. Intelligence may just be the ultimate key to gaining the popularity that you would prefer to have. Charlie Gordon is an ordinary guy that becomes smart and gains popularitythrough his intellect. He is the first human to have his brain cells altered to help him to be more intelligent. This helped him to gain popularity by first have an amazing will to get smart. It makes him very popular with the scientists looking to perform the surgery.

    One other example is after Charlie is smart he goes to the American Psychological Association to first be show to the world. He gains popularity from the press and other scientist with his amazingly increased intellect from before the operation. He answers every question that his throw at him with absolutely no problem at all. An example of someone using their intelligence to gain popularity would be Mark Cuban. Mark is the founder of the computer business called “Micro Solutions. ” Micro Solutions transformed him into a millionaire after he sold the business to CompuServe in the 1990’s.

    In 1995, Mark and his partner Todd Wagner started working on an idea, that later became known as Broadcast. com. It allowed people to stream live events over the Internet. This ground-breaking pair sold their company in 1999 for billions of dollars to Yahoo. com. Mark shortly after purchased the Dallas Mavericks an NBA basketball franchise. He bought it for a small $285 million dollars on January 14, 2000. Mark is now a well known man throughout the world, but is also not the most well liked man. One person I individually know that has become popular through his intelligence is my Uncle Johnny.

    He and his friends invented a different type of wireless internet for people to use instead of using a cord. This has made him very popular within the business world. The real way to use your intelligence to become popular is to not be afraid to stand up for yourself and make things happen even when people say that you can’t achieve your goal. In a whole intelligence, I hope, you agree is more important than popularity. You should realize this with my examples from both Flowers for Algernon and my real life examples that intelligence is indeed more important than popularity.

    The point of view in which I have chosen to look at intelligence definitely persuaded me to believe that intelligence is the better trait to have instead of popularity because intelligence is something that will never go away and you will have as long as you shall live. Therefore, being gifted enough to solve your own problems without help, being able to rely on your intelligence to get you both out of tight situations and help to carry you throughout life, as well as being able to use your intelligence to help you to gain popularity are the three main reasons why I strongly believe that intelligence is way more important than popularity.

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