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Political Knowledge and Civic Engagement Essay

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    The economic level also strongly effects on if young people have computer or not; also to have DSL or router for internet service also depending on how much money you have. B. K. L. Genova and Bradly S. Greenberc, 2006 indicated that the population with higher socioeconomic status their trends to political information a faster rate than lower status segments, so that the gap in knowledge between them trends to increase rather than decrease Age effects how University students rate credibility in online news and the students found online news more credibility than old media (Bucy, 2003),.

    Delli Carpini & Keeter, 1996 young people with high levels of education have higher political knowledge and civic engagement (Delli Carpini & Keeter, 1996). Speech researchers in this field have indicated that socio-economic status is another factor in assessing political knowledge and civic engagement, especially income; consequently, those with greater incomes are more engaged both civically and politically activities, and they are much more knowledgeable about politics issues than other groups with low income status (Delli Carpini & Keeter, 1996, p. 215; Schlozman & et al. , 1999, p. 433).

    but the negative correlation between exposure to political comedy shows and age according to (Xiao Xia cao. 2008, p, 56) in his study about the moderating effects of age and education in exposure to political comedy shows and its relation with political knowledge in 2000&2004 primary election campaigns in America but he found positive relationships between education ” young people with high degree education more than lower level of educated ” in political knowledge and political participation. Indeed, regarding the gender issue, the Internet allows the expr. . g access to news and gaining information.

    Instrumental sites such as search engines, social contacts through e-mail, blogs, and Facebook, as well as the discussion of taboo topics are just some of the uses; along with entertainment, sports, and search for moral guidance and religious advice through religious websites (Bunt, 2009; Hofheinz, 2005; Abdulla, 2007 in Dominika and Sisler,210. p. 3). -in Egypt and according to the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics the young people age (15-29) years as 2008 statistical were (35. 5) million as (33. 31%) of the total population and the gender ratio among Egyptian young people 103 males per 100 females; whereas the number of Internet users from young people (376.

    2) million (8. 60%) men and (2. 39%) women, this mean Men more likely to use and access the internet than women and this maybe for cultural reason .

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