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    Plastic surgery Essay (697 words)

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    Man kinds essential nature entails self-improvement and perfection. Because human beings have always sought out self-fulfillment through self-improvement, Plastic surgery Essay may be one of the worlds oldest hearing arts. According to the Plastic Surgery Information Service, there is written medical evidence that cites medical treatment for facial injuries for over 4000 years. Physicians n ancient India were utilizing skin grafts for reconstructive work as early as 800 BC. Furthermore, the driving force behind most plastic surgery development was to repair awful and quite serious war injuries in the 1900s.

    There were shattered jaws and blown off noses which required innovative restorative procedures. There was much good news to report to the American people in the post war days of the 1950s. As with other areas of science and medicine, plastic surgery discoveries were happening at break-neck speeds, often derived from innovations tested in hospitals of Korea. Internal wiring for facial fractures, rotation flips for skin disformalities and a bevy of other new techniques were developed by plastic surgeons.

    (2) As the 1960s began, plastic surgery became even more prominent in the minds of the American public as the scope of procedures performed by surgeons increased, along with many scientific developments. A new substance, silicone, began to emerge as an important tool for doctors. Silicone was initially used to treat skin imperfections and is now overly used as a breast implant device. All parts of the human body, it seemed, could benefit from the skill of the plastic surgeon to perfect the body. Liposuction and breast augmentation are the two most frequently requested cosmetic surgery procedures. Throughout the 1980s the issue of breast implant safety went largely unnoticed by the public.

    However, in December of 1990 questions began to explode nationally when Face to Face with Connie Chung detailed the horrors of breast implants. Her report sparked a wave of concern among breast implant receivers and increased pressure on government officials to react. According to Yes!Theyre fake! One may develop a post-operative infection and may have to have the implant removed. Loss of sensitivity in the nipple area or the entire breast in the breast is quite common. And of course, there is a risk of Capsular Contracture (scar tissue inscapulating the implant) which rarely ever goes away, nor does it tend to lay dormant after the surgery is performed. This may occur from the bacteria in the implant or on surgical implements and the body attempting to place the foreign body as far away from itself as possible.

    If this happens one may develop pains, hardening, disformality, and deflation of the implant. It can sometimes even happen again after the surgery to remove the scar tissue has been performed. The most severe possible side effects of breast augmentation is the risk of the implant shifting or rupturing and the difficulty in detecting breast cancer. A rupture can occur simply from daily activities. Even a doctor can rupture an implant by simply performing a mammogram. (2)First developed in the 1970s by Ilouz of France, liposuction is a process where fat is sucked out of the body while doctors insert large amounts of salt water, lidocaine, and epinephrine into tissue.

    These drugs reduce blood loss and provide an anestheis. Various cosmetic surgeries including the facelift, necklift, tummy tuck, and arm and thigh lift surgeries require liposuction. A new report published in the May 13 issue of The New England journal of Medicine, found five deaths linked to liposuction over four years. Researchers from New York City Poison Control center say that two patients died of a heart attack, one died of blood clots in the lungs and a fourth died of fluid overload.

    The fifth case was not explained. Plastic surgeons say that liposuction is quite safe. But researchers write liposuction can be fatal, perhaps in part because of lidocaine toxicity of lidocaine-related drug infectionsDeaths due to cosmetic surgery should be a matter for serious public concern. There are more risks associated with this operation due to the fact that the fat and its surrounding tissues becoming dead tissue.

    If the fat become necrotic from the lack of blood supply the fat tends to turn orange in color and drain from the .

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