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    Physics Essay Thesis

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    The purpose of this lab is to show how to calculate the average speed and acceleration in six different races. In order to find average speed you will need to use the formula s=d/t (s= speed, d=distance, t=time). On the other hand, for acceleration you will use the formula a= if-vi/t (a-?acceleration, if=final velocity, initial velocity, t=time). Average speed is how fast something is moving; the path distanced moved per time. Acceleration is the rate of which velocity is changing, the change may be in magnitude, direction, or both.

    Materials & Procedures: The materials you will need for this experiment are: -3 people -stopwatch -paper & pen -2 cones -field Once you’ve collected all the materials you will proceed to the following steps: Choose 3 people you will like to work with in a team. 2. Assign each person to either record the time, write down results, or to do the 6 different type of races 3. Go outside to a field and put the 2 cones at a distance of 10 meters from each other 4. The person who will do the races will be on one side of the cone and the other 2 people will be on the other side of the cone 5.

    Some errors founded was that the person with the one was that the racer did the activity at an earlier time. These errors can change the average speed and acceleration. If something is done wrong, start the trial over in order to get the correct results. Literature Citation: Paul Hewitt. “Conceptual Physics . ” Undefined. Undefined. . Undefined. ;undefined;.. “The Physics 500. ” Chapter 2: Linear Motion. Undefined. . Undefined. ;undefined;. Questions: 1 . Q: How does average speed relate to the distance covered and the time taken for ravel?

    A: The greater the average speed is then the faster you run. 2. Q: Should recorded average speed represent the maximum for each event? Explain. A: No, the average speed gives you the number of average not the biggest/highest number 3. Q: Which event had the greatest average speed in the class in miles per hour (1. 00 m/s=2. 24 miles/her)? A: According to the data table it was running. 4. Q: Does your measurement technique for speed enable you to measure the fastest speed attained during an event? The average speed. A: No, it gives you

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