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    Persuasive: Education and School Uniforms Essay

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    Persuasive Speech Plan Topic: Children In public schools should wear uniforms. Point Deductions Topic Approval Plan Speech to Group Note Cards Speech to Jurisprudentially Aids Speech to Group Outline Self-Review J Order Thesis: Not only do uniforms help the parents get them ready in the morning, but can also be safer for kids who might bring Items to school they shouldn’t. Uniforms are beneficial to the school as well as community. Type of Speech: Process Organizational Pattern: Monomer’s Motivated Sequence List two ways speech relates to audience: Kids are seen everywhere whether they re related to you or not, uniforms look better and the kids are more structured. My speech may be good for those who are thinking about schools with uniforms.

    List a possible presentational aid: Powerboat List supporting materials (examples, statistics, or testimony) to be Incorporated: I will use statistics from various sites such as “A case study of the effects of adopting school uniforms in Long Beach, CA which appeared In Psychology Today in September, 1999, reported the following effects from the switch to uniforms in 1995: Overall, the crime rate dropped by 91% , School suspensions dropped by 90% ,Sex offenses were reduced by 96% ,liniments of vandalism went down 69% . As of 2013, 21 percent of public schools have mandatory uniform rules and the states of Texas, Florida, New York, and Illinois have more school uniforms in public schools than other states. List emotional appeals to be used: Possible Introduction Material: Capture attention Introduce topic and thesis Create audience connection/listener relevance, stress importance Establish credibility 1 OFF Preview mall pilots Tentative Main Points and Sub-points in the Body of the Speech, written in full ententes: (For Monomer’s, include the need, satisfaction, and visualization steps here. Attention: Intro A. There shouldn’t be a clothing competition. ( who has more expensive or better clothes) B. The fear of being Judged or bullied based on your clothes. C. Wearing uniforms provides equality and comfort. Need: The stress of having to get dressed. A. School work will get more focus than the clothes their peers wear. B. Feel equal to their peers because they are all dressed alike. C. People won’t Judge or bully each other based on their clothes. Satisfaction: A. Teaches students the importance of school not what they wear. School work is more important than the clothes worn.

    B. When uniforms are used in schools the decrease in teen violence and gang violence is reduced. C. Expenses for the uniforms can be completed by fundraising through the school year. Visualization: A. Imagine if all of the crime rates within public schools were lower. Action: A. Support school uniforms. AAA. You can go to board meetings. B. You can send around a vote in the community. Possible Conclusion Material: Signal end with marker Reinforce thesis Reinforce main points Provide other relevant closing material Finish with memorable, planned clincher

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