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Personality Analysis : Narayana Murthy Essay

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LEADERSHIP AND ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR PERSONALITY ANALYSIS NAGAVARA RAMARAO NARAYANA MURTHY Submitted By – Aniruddh Sarkar Ankit Garg Anushree Vij Gaurav Sakhuja Shantanu Das Sukrita Goyal INTRODUCTION:- Some people leave imprints in our life because of the charisma in their persona. All that remains in our memory is a person’s behavior and attitude in life and that essentially determines a person’s character. As a part of our academic study we got a chance to analyze a successful personality. We analyzed some of Mr. Narayana Murthy’s personality traits. ] BACKGROUND:- This report essentially deals with different aspects of Mr. Narayana Murthy’s personality as well as his attitude, behavior and values. 2] PURPOSE:- To understand the term personality, and how personality affects behavior and what qualities of Mr. Narayana Murthy lead to his success. 3] SCOPE:- In this report everything is concerned with the personality, behavior, attitude, and value system of Mr. Narayana Murthy and also how he made Infosys one among the Top IT Companies. 4] METHODOLOGY:- Personality of a person shows his behavior, attitude, values; his mentality and his decision making ability.

Analysis of a personality can be done by two methods which are Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or The Big Five Model. We analyzed his personality according to The Big Five Model. ABOUT THE PERSONALITY:- | | |Perspective |Primary Outcomes |Observations | |Temperament |Ease of arousal, ability to regulate emotions and impulses, |Remained composed during tough phases of professional| | |energy, reaction to unfamiliar people and events, dominant |and personal life.

Didn’t give up while the company | | |mood |floundered in 1990 and had offers of being bought | | | |out. |Psychoanalytic |phobias, depressed mood |Cheerful and lively , adopts transparency hence | | | |doesn’t need to defend his public image | |Attachment |Control of impulse, social habits, security, anger, |Involved in philanthropic and social acts throughout | | |frustration tolerance, trust in others, capacity for love |. elieves in compassionate capitalism | |Self |Guilt, shame, anxiety, self-confidence |Self assured , confident , charismatic | |Observed behaviour |Sociability, aggressive behaviour, impulsivity, shyness, |Social on professional front yet believes in simple | | |obedience |living . interactive, inspirational , never showed | | | |rash behaviour . ANALYSIS AND JUSTIFICATION:- According to The Big Five Model- 1. EXTRAVERSION – has the ability to reach out to masses without being loud . Is a recluse in personal life yet manages to communicate efficiently on the professional front. Is a public figure hence a source of inspiration to budding entrepreneurs and the public at large hence measures his words and conducts himself appropriately. 2. AGREEABLENESS – managed to successfully convince his business partner during the downturn in 1990 when his company faced despondence and was on the verge of a sellout.

The partners stuck with his plans to co-operate and in fact with a rejuvenated vigor. 3. CONSCIENTIOUSNESS – has successfully managed to retain and redeem the faith of his share-holders as well as generated share capital for his new ventures successfully throughout . Has been involved in various philanthropic acts yet maintained his compassionate capitalistic attitude. 4. EMOTIONAL STABILITY – has been the face of Infosys for more than a decade, has successfully handled the criticism from media and maintained level headedness in times of adulation.

Has an extra-ordinary composure. Despite a weak year to year performance Infosys celebrated its silver jubilee by distributing 5 shares each to its employees. 5. OPENNESS TO EXPERIENCE – ventured into the I. T industry when it was unheard of , has always been open-ended to fresh business ideas and proposals ( the newly set up B. P. O venture) , has also focused on constantly upgrading employee training systems and facilities as well as employee rating systems . He spearheaded Infosys’s listing in NASDAQ, the first ever Indian company to achieve this feat .

PERSONALITY TRAITS The personality attributes that are relevant for behavior in organizations are listed as : 1. LOCUS OF CONTROL – has been motivated even in times of recession and instead of cutting costs by increasing the employee attrition rate has focused on finding new markets, thus never allowing the external environment to alter his beliefs. 2. DOGMATISM – has a pragmatic approach towards business. Has maintained his opposition to caste reservations in private job market. 3.

RISK PROPENSITY – left lucrative job offers to venture out in a sector unheard, has evened out his risks in new ventures by performance in areas of core competency. 4. SELF-ESTEEM – has always believed in his set of ideas, i. e. maintaining an ethical approach to business and inclusive growth by not compromising on employee favorability. 5. SELF-MONITORING – Has monitored himself adequately in the right proportion and at critical times, he humbly accepted the role of a chief mentor to the company while making way for Mr.

Gopala Krishnan to become C. E. O. CONCLUSION:- Based on Big Five Model and personality traits mapping system, we can conclude that Mr. Murthy has been an influential, self motivated, reclusive individual with controlled risk propensity while sticking to his values. He symbolizes perseverance, integrity, planning, vision and determination. BIBLIOGRAPHY and REFRENCES:- – Organizational Behavior by Kavita Singh – www. toostep. com/Personality_development – www. livemint. com – www. infosys. com

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