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    Personal Progress – Childhood to Adulthood Essay

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    I started off rereading the thesis from an old essay from last semester. My responsibilities, timing, and priorities played a huge role. The supportive points of my thesis were stating what responsibilities had to be done during the time. How timing helped me move out on my own when I really didn’t know as much as I thought I did. Lastly, making sure my priorities came first before any and everything I wanted to do. Responsibilities were humungous for me. I wanted myself and other people to see what key points I really needed to show about how to grow up faster.

    It was just an outline for me writing it all down knowing I had to take care of important things such as finding a job, so I can have income to support myself. The most important thing was paying rent so I could have a roof over my head, instead of some box that I called a home to protect me from rain, wind, or snow. And being able to wash my clothes and dishes in a sink instead in some dirty old lake and having my clothes air dry from a dirty tree with little leaves on the branches to help the air blow through them.

    If anybody could stress about time, it was me, because I really had to have the patience to realize that a job wasn’t going to come to me unless I went out and searched to get one. It was time consuming waiting to hear from jobs or calling the companies up to make sure jobs were interested in me. It all paid off when I actually got a job. It was school and work battling head to head with one another, whether I was too tired to make it to school or it was not getting enough hours to have a steady pay check to support me.

    I had to do what I had to do and that was when I started to feel the actual shift of me changing and understanding how I am growing in a way I didn’t realize before. Prioritizing was one of the hardest things I had to do for the simple fact that I like to shop and party all the time. When I knew rent was due within the next couple of weeks I had to make sure I would put that money to the side and try my hardest not to let the money burn a hole in my pocket. I had so many bills to cover in a month that I didn’t think it was possible to make it work.

    My monthly bills were rent, car insurance, gas and electric, and water; and they all needed to be paid on time. My pay checks came out to be just the right amount of money to take care of all the bills I was required to pay. After I realized that I didn’t have enough extra income I started looking for another job to help support me. Then I really started to see the difference in less shopping and partying for me because then I started to notice I had to save for gas to get to and from home, school, and work.

    The message I wanted to bring to my audience was hoping that they understood how hard it was to move out at such a young age. I thought I was “grown-up” enough to do this task on my own but not knowing all the consequences and repercussions that came along with it was an eye-opener. I should have taken my time with it until I had a stable job and money saved up so I could have been prepared for this. But it seems as if when I was younger everyone wanted to buy the apartments I was interested in.

    The audience that I wanted to direct my paper toward the most was younger teens who just turned eighteen and felt like they are “legal” because the law considers them adults. When in reality they really know nothing. They are always going to go to someone older for advice or help. The essay was structured by me describing the contrast and comparison of my childhood to my adult life. What I was hoping everyone would grasp out of it is that at eighteen years old it can be a hassle just packing your belongings up and moving into this new world that you have no idea about what so ever.

    You cannot just go into the real world thinking it is going to be just so peachy cream. Life’s really not some world we live in with fantasies. I showed myself how to live in the real world and how to understand the world I live in. Don’t get me wrong there are a few things that I still need help in but I can say I caught on very quickly. Time will fly regardless it is up to you to catch on to it. My childhood to adulthood is still not over because this journey is my beginning. I can say living on my own has taught me so much more rather than being in a house with a parent who does everything for me.

    Yes, I have had some regrets of moving out too soon but if I had not have moved out when I did then I think I would be so new to things that I have already experienced. I would not have seen some of the interesting things I saw while living by myself. I think that would have stressed me out much more. Lucky, for me I catch onto things quickly. I tend to hurry up and find a solution rather than pouting because stressing will not get me anywhere besides more problems and create more drama. I still can say I am in this process of learning new things while I continue to live on my own.

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