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    Paper Flower Sample Essay

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    Paper is a thin stuff chiefly used for composing upon. publishing upon. drawing or for packaging.

    The word “paper” is etymologically derived from Latin papyrus. which comes from the Grecian ??????? ( papuros ) . the word for the Cyperus papyrus works. It is produced by pressing together damp fibres. typically cellulose mush derived from wood. shreds or grasses.

    and drying them into flexible sheets. In papermaking a dilute suspension of hempen stuffs in H2O is drained through a screen. so that a mat of indiscriminately interlacing fibres is laid down. Water is removed from this mat of fibres by pressing and drying to do paper. The production and usage of paper has a figure of inauspicious effects on the environment. The research workers of the survey conceptualized a method to do recycled documents utilizing alternate hempen stuffs like foliages and flowers that are immensely available in the vicinity without doing any injury to the environment therefore restricting the film editing of trees.

    Bougainvillea is sometimes referred to as “paper flower” because their bracts are thin and papery. Its foliages and flowers are hempen and have an huge potency for doing paper. Bougainvillea is a genus of blooming workss native to South America. The first species recorded in the Philippines was Bougainvillea spectabilis. The other species.

    B. glabra and B. peruviana were introduced much later. The works is a woody climber that can turn to a tallness of more than 10 metres. with big thorny roots and long drooping subdivisions.

    The foliages are dark green. petioled. surrogate. ovate.

    with full borders. broadest near the base. Irritants are the axils that assist the works in mounting. Flowers are little.

    each inserted on a bract. cannular. hyperbolic midway through its length. of changing colourss like ruddy. purple.

    pink. yellow or white. The survey intends to place if the paper produced from the foliages and flowers of Bougainvillea has comparable qualities as to the paper derived from trees’ short pantss. B. Statement of the ProblemWhat are the properties/qualities of paper made from Bougainvillea foliages.

    Bougainvillea flowers. and used bond documents?Hypothesis: If there is a important difference in paper produced from Bougainvillea foliages. Bougainvillea flowers. and used bond documents.

    so the consequence will differ in:* Durability* Quality- visual aspect. texture. ability to absorb inkAims:General Objective:* To compare the lastingness and quality of documents made from Bougainvillea foliages and flowers to those industrially-available documents. Specific aim:* To cognize if Bougainvillea leaves and flowers have possible belongingss in paper devising.

    C. Significance of the Study

    In the whole universe. there is an increasing demand for paper. The deficiency of supply can be projected in the close hereafter.

    This world prompted the research workers to carry on a survey about alternate ways in bring forthing paper. Every twelvemonth more trees are being cut to run into the world’s demand for paper. With this survey. it will assist and salvage the female parent Earth from uninterrupted deforestation. It is better to take responsible forestry over deforestation. The environmental impact of paper is important.

    which has led to alterations in industry and behaviour at both concern and personal degrees. With the usage of modern engineering such as the printing imperativeness and the extremely mechanised harvest home of wood. paper has become a inexpensive trade good. This has led to a high degree of ingestion and waste. The survey intends to happen out if Bougainvillea leaves and Bougainvillea flowers can be used as natural stuffs for paper devising.

    The intent of the survey is to increase consciousness of alternate environmental merchandises and their utilizations. D. Scope and RestrictionsThe range of this survey is to place the likeliness of utilizing Bougainvillea foliages and Bougainvillea flowers for doing paper and besides to happen for the possibility of utilizing Bougainvillea foliages and Bougainvillea flowers ( petals ) for paper devising. . It will besides compare the concluding merchandise to ordinary documents available in the market in footings of lastingness and quality.

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