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    One Word That Describes Me Sample Essay

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    What’s one word that describes you? That’s the inquiry everyone has been inquiring me recently. Honestly. I have no thought. It’s non something that I can reply in one second. but is something that took me at least a twenty-four hours to eventually make up one’s mind. My household would’ve called me timid ages ago. nevertheless. now they would about name me surpassing. My friends all say I’m amusing and capricious and people I meet when at my occupation would state I’m one of the most pleasant people they’ve met in a long clip. I. myself. believe that one word to depict me is adventuresome.

    You may inquire how or what are you speaking about? Even my closest of friends questioned my pick. I. on the other manus. cognize precisely what I’m speaking approximately. For the past few old ages I’ve done a kayaking trip through Girl Scouts. One twelvemonth I kayaked the Chippewa Flowage. I had to accommodate to that really rapidly. from larning how to kayak. to being able to put up cantonment. and cook for myself. The following twelvemonth I kayaked the Namekagon River. This past summer I kayaked the Apostle Islands. I’ve experienced many different elements of kayaking: lakes. rivers. 3 pes moving ridges. and island hopping. During my Apostle Island trip I had the chance to turn over my kayak.

    For those who don’t know what peal is. it is where you toss your kayak over and go on to turn over it back up so you come back up to where you began. What an experience! During my kayaking trips I got a opportunity to research where we happened to be remaining that dark. I found old creaky school. a house. and even two old autos left on the island. I frequently got yelled at for traveling off on my ain. because cipher wanted to come with me. My alibi to travel explore was that I was out finding firewood and ended coming back with less than I should hold for how long I was gone. I merely loved finding things that were left behind by those who lived there earlier. If there was something in my manner. I didn’t allow it acquire the best of me. It’s what I’m into and what makes me who I am.

    Even at my ain place. I can be one adventuresome miss. One twenty-four hours. out of the blue. I decided to take person who’s ne’er canoed before out canoeing for 2 hours. We had a blast and we even stopped to research an island in the center of the lake. One twenty-four hours I besides went tubing down a river. Not everyone would make that on a caprice. I even went on a short hiking through the forests behind my house. Sometimes. I even sit my motorcycle through trails merely meant for hike.

    If you doubted me before. make you now? I didn’t think so. This is decidedly non the lone thing that makes me who I am today. but it is one chief trait that does. You can be that colourful. animated individual you are and I’ll be who I am ; an adventuresome miss that is adaptable in merely about any state of affairs.

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