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    Of Mice and Men Short Summary

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    George could hardly look at it. A tear welled in George’s eyes. He put his hand near one of the pockets, expecting to find a small creature of some sort, dead obviously. He put his hand in one, and pulled out a small cold rock-as he had guessed tough it was a mouse that had been dead for a while. George sighed deeply. ‘Lennie’, he whispered, disapprovingly, shaking his head from side to side. He ran his hand over to the other pocket and was surprised to notice a bulge in it. Surprised, he carefully slid his hand into the pocket and pulled out the object that was wrapped in worn out paper.

    He must have been carrying this with him for some time. He gently opened up the parcel and discovered the details for the ranch that they were meant to buy together-the dream that they had shared together. A ranch with a couple of acres of land, with a small wooden house next to it. It had been a sweet dream, but too sweet to be true. As George tried to wrap up the parcel again, a smaller parcel fell out from the one he was holding, and fell on the floor, with a small crack. Lennie picked it up, and was stunned to find that it was addressed to him. It said ‘To George’, in spidery child like writing-it was Lennie’s handwriting.

    Lennie didn’t know how to write properly, he must have gone to great trouble to get someone to help him write it. George slowly unravelled the coarse string that kept it together. He could feel that some of the pieces were broken from the fall. When he finally got it open he was gobsmacked to find what was in it. Inside there was George put the possessions down on the haystack in front of him, and quickly rushed off to tell Slim what he had found. The Sheriff was just leaving when George got to Slim. ‘Slim there’s something you’ve got to see’, he panted-out of breath.

    Slim followed George back to the barn. ‘Look it’s there! ‘ cried George. ‘It’s on top of that haystack, they’re there! ‘, he cried again. Slim slowly walked up to the haystack, George behind him. ‘What am I meant to be looking for? ‘ Slim asked. ‘The parcels’ George said. ‘There’s nothing here, are you sure that you put them here? ‘ Slim continued. ‘yeah I did’. George rushed over. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE J. B. Priestley section.

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