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    Notes On Family History Assignment Essay

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    Ayauna SumpterFamily History Assignment Customs, traditions, rules, and religion these are a few of the main things that make families so unique. Being that these 4 components is what makes up one big family there is way that these compartments intertwine, I am only 19 years old, and I ‘m pretty sure my family history can go on forever, but I decided to expand my knowledge based on my immediate family members. This will only consist of my Grandmothers family history and how she created her family to follow all of the traditions and customs she was taught while growing up. For this assignment, I decided to conduct two short interviews with the family members I expected to know the most about our family history. My first interviewee would be my grandmother Luthelma W Johnson and my aunt Ve ‘ga J Swepson.

    These two individuals are the oldest in my immediate family and they always showered my cousins and I with old stories about when they were growing up. Religion:Question – Who decided we would live our lives as Christians? Luthlema Johnson (Grandmother): ” My mother Lucinda Williams started taking me to church every Sunday when I was a little girl. We went to Ebenezer Baptist Church in Wilmington, NC. I enjoyed this church so much that once I started my family with your grandfather we started taking your Aunt and Uncle there every Sunday for Sunday school and Morning Worship along with attending Wednesday night bible study.” Question – Did you enjoy attending church every Sunday? Ve ‘ga Swepson (Aunt) – ” As a child of course I would get tired of attending church EVERY SINGLE Wednesday and Sunday, but that has made me who I am today. Your uncle and I never had a choice to stay home from the church like you kids have now.

    Af. .ting over this project I honestly understand who I am as a person. I will admit I don ‘t have the same beliefs as my family because I am getting older and beginning to learn things on my own. However, I am grateful to have a family to help build a strong foundation for me to become an independent young adult where I am able to figure out things on my own. With the family history assignment, I will say learned a lot about my families past and how it has led us to where we are today.

    I learned that my grandmother has a very big role in the changes that has been made to the family traditions. I also learned a little about how my great grandparents influenced the life I live now. I hope when I decide to start my own family I ‘ll be able to pass down all of these traditions to my children and hopefully it ‘ll help them become just as respectable and independent as I am.

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