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    Northern States Power Essay

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    A leader in today’s economic world, Northern StatesPower (NSP) is recognized for its outstanding performancein both regulated and nonregulated operations. Its regulatedoperation serves over two million electric and gascustomers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, SouthDakota, Arizona, and Michigan (NSP – Investor’sOverview 1).

    Its head offices are located in Minneapolis,Minnesota, and the Chairman, President and ChiefExecutive Officer (CEO) is Mr. James J. Howard III(Howard 1). Its Viking Gas Transmission CompanySubsidiary owns and operates a 500-mile natural gaspipeline (NSP – Investor’s Overview 1).

    Northern StatesPower is one of the nation’s leading energy companies withcompetitive rates, responsive service, and dependable andreliable energy. A relationship with NSP began’s when theysign up for services with them; moreover, when you chooseto live in a certain area. Some of the facts about NSP areservices/people, profit, rates, and sources of power,standings, first aid/safety, Y2K, merger, and about howthey help within the community. In North Dakota, NSPprovides service to more than 80,000 electric customersand 30,000 gas customers in Fargo, Grand Forks, Minot,and many surrounding communities (NSP – NorthernDakota 1). They have served in these communities for over80 years (Northern States Power Energy Wise 2).

    “Bypowering the world, NSP brings energy to (Howard 6):” ?The international markets where we do business ? Thecommunities close to home where we contribute time andmoney ? To customers, who have ever-increasing energyneeds and choices ? To employees, who make the energywork ? And finally, to youthe shareholderswho haveplaced trust in them The 24th straight year in a row to markgrowth for NSP was 1998. Northern States Power’scommon stocks are traded on three different exchanges:New York Stock, Chicago Stock, and Pacific Stock. Itsticker tape symbol is NSP. Newspaper stock tables listNSP Company as NoStPw, NoStPwr, or NSPw (NSP -Investor’s Overview’s 2).

    Northern States Power and itssubsidiaries reported earning of $52. 3 million or 34 cents ashare, for the first quarter of 1999. Operating revenue forthe quarter was up 6 percent to $743. 2 million. Warmerweather, increased maintenance, and Y2K computer workis the cause of the decreased earning (NSP First-quarter).

    “Advantages to being a registered shareholder are (NSP -Investor’s overview 2):” ? Dividend checks are sent directlyto you, deposited in the back account you designate, ormaybe reinvested in the company as you choose ? Youmay purchase additional stock (through dividendreinvestment and optional investment plans) with little or nofees ? You may deposit your share certificates with thecompany for safekeeping if you sign up for the DividendReinvestment Program ? Shareholder company mailingswill be sent directly to your address “Electricity is anextremely price-volatile commodity. The price of on-peakelectricity on 15 April 1998 ranged from $20 permegawatt-hour to $38 per megawatt-hour. Competitiveprices serve us well today. But becomes an even greateradvantage in a competitive market (Howard 3). ” In tryingto compare different electrical Service Companies, I talkedwith my Uncle, Edward Schiele, from Karlsruhe, NorthDakota.

    I asked him what his monthly electric bill averagesand he said it is between $100 to $115 a month during thewinter months. Verendrye Electric Cooperative out ofVelva, North Dakota, services Karlsruhe with its electricalneeds. Karlsruhe is a rural community of around 150-200people (Schiele, Edward). Our families electrical serviceneeds are serviced by NSP. My Mother, Virginia Schiele,said our last electrical bill was only $41. 49.

    That is a bigdifference from my uncle’s bill. Additionally, my mother toldme that when we lived in Holiday Village Trailer Court wewere serviced by Verendrye Electric and the bill averagedaround $80 a month in the winter (Schiele, Virginia). Across North Dakota they’re many different electricalcompanies. Electricity from other utility companies can costup to 63 percent more than from Northern States Power.

    In checking nine different companies, they ranged from$72. 50 a month with Cass County Electric to NorthernStates Power at $49. 68. Northern States Power has thelowest electric rates for Northern Dakota customers. Ifyou’re looking for the best value, it definitely is NorthernStates Power (Northern States Power Energy Wise 2).

    There is always a challenge on energy pricing. In recentyears, many businesses have explored co-generation. Thatis harnessing energy from the excess heat produced inmanufacturing (Brauer 2). Northern States Power isinvesting in renewable sources of power. It is studying theuse of solar, wind, and biomass energy sources and howthey fit into our energizes future needs (Northern StatesPower Company Home 2). During the 7th Century, theancient Persians were believed to have built the firstwindmill.

    The earlier windmills use driving pumps orgrindstones to produce power. Today’s windmills useblades and were once a common sight on American farms(NSP Renew Wind 1). Wind turbines, the moderncounterpart of windmills, drive electric generators. Aturbine, installed on top of a tower, has three blades with arotor diameter of 160 feet.

    Towers average 100 to 175feet tall (NSP Renew Wind 1). A turbine operates underthe same principal as an airplane wings. Lift is the force thatpulls the blades coveting the linear motion into rotationalmotion that drives an electric generator. It takes 67 to 200wind turbines to generate 100 megawatts of electricity(NSP Renew Wind 2).

    As with all sources of generation,NSP seeks to minimize the advantage and minimize thedisadvantages. They choose companies who can providethe latest, most cost-effective technology and select sitesidentified through extensive research as the windiest area. Additionally, sites are chosen in close proximity totransmission lines (NSP Renew Wind 2). Using solarpower goes back to 1839 when French scientist EdmondBecquerel first discovered on that on certain material lightcould create an electric charge.

    However, nothing becameof it until the 1960s when the United States space programbegan the use of silicon-based photovoltaic cells to powersome satellite applications (NSP Solar 1). Usually madeof silicon, solar photovoltaic panels contain cells thatconvert sunlight directly into electricity. These systems canoperate independently or be connected to utility electricalgrids already in use. Conducting research since 1982, theuse of grid-connected photovoltaics systems are whatinterests NSP (NSP Solar 2). Biomass is the use of anyorganic material that can be used as fuel.

    Examples includeagriculture, crops, trees, grasses, seed hulls, animal waste,landfill gas, and wood wastes from forests, orchards, mills,and construction. People have used these products to heathomes for thousands of years. Today, some use biomass incombination with other fuels to generate electricity (NSP Biomass 1). Northern States Power uses wood waste toproduce electricity at one plant and at another it useslandfill methane gas. However, extreme care must be takento use biomass in an environmentally responsible way(NSP Biomass 1). Northern States Power has strongtraditional values for the protection for the environment.

    They believe in protecting the delicate balance between theneed for reliable energy and minimizing the impact forenergy production and distribution. Among the utilitycompanies, NSP is a leader in a variety of initiatives topreserve our natural resources, use renewable energysources, and minimize it’s impact on the environment (NSPEnvironmental 1). How does North and South Dakotastand in items rates by NSP, lets take a look. All statesserviced by NSP had zero lost workdays in January 1999and five lost workdays were noted in June 1998, theDakota’s showing none. The Dakota’s have zero incidentsnoted in January 1999 for safety; but in June 1998 they hadtwo on the records.

    Other states reported a total of 56 lostdays up till June 1998 and six in January 1999 (Delivery 1). For Projects Completed-on-Time, the Dakota’s have norating. All other states have a completion rate of 93percent, the goal is 80 percent. To me, this shows NSP isdedicated to quality service to their customers (Delivery 1). Projects cost commissions are hard to estimate or rate; but,to show you expenditures here are a few shockers.

    Remember that all projected costs are in the millions. Fargoshows $83, Grand Forks shows $102, Minot shows $87,and Sioux Falls shows $79. Actual costs were $87 million(Delivery 1). Northern States Power has budgeted $24million for checking its equipment to make sure there are noproblems when the year 2000 arrives. Dealing withelectrical outages daily, NSP expects only a minimaldisruption of service to its customers (NSP First-quarterB6).

    They have already confirmed the readiness of 70percent of the equipment and systems. With 80 percent ofits systems pre-dating computers, there systems can beoperated manually. In one case, a sensing device wasplaced into a millennium changeover, all it took was anextra 1. 5 of a second to operate, a time that will not impairthe system functions (NSP News Release 1 & 2). Weather at home or work, standard first aid knowledgeand safety training is a must.

    No one knows the time or daysomeone or even themselves may be hurt or become ill andneed helps (Missouri ii). Individuals working with electricallines encounter many situations that can cause injury if notproperty though out and safety principles applied. First aidis one of those subjects you must know, but hope that youwill never have to use (Missouri ii). On one such incident,by brother, James Horsfall, was the first individual toresponse.

    He had only been working as an ApprenticeLineman for NSP for about one year when the accidentoccurred. They were taken down and replacing anoverhead electrical line around Edina Prairie School whenthe accident occurred. They had all the proper safetyguards up and an OSHA Safety Inspector was on the jobwith them (Horsfall). Everything was going along fine untilkids on bikes started going in and around the orange safetycones. A little later, a vehicle drove around the orangecones and over the wires on the ground.

    When the vehiclewent over the wires, this caused them to go fling. One wireclipped by brother in the back caves of his legs and hewent down (he was wearing knee high lineman boots). TheOSHA Safety Inspector was also caught off guard and wasclipped in the front of his legs just below the knees andanother wire chipped him in the back, just below hisshoulders (Horsfall). Ensuring his safety first, Jamescrawled to the safety inspector.

    He noted a massive bleedto the head and immediately applied direct pressure to thewound. He than instructed the gentleman not to move andcalled for additional help (Horsfall). The OSHA Inspectorhad minor abrasions and lacerations with a severe headinjury and was hospitalizes for two to three weeks. Jameswas commended for his fast action to assure the safety andlesson the injury. The vehicles driver was cited for herfailure to observe the safety precautions in this incident.

    Northern States Power’s action after this incident was toplace safety cones only five feet apart (Horsfall). NorthernStates Power goes international when they entered into adefinitive merger agreement with the Denver, Colorado,based New Century Energies (NSP – New Release 1). The two utilities companies plan to create the nation’sthird-largest utility company servicing well over three millioncustomers in the Untied Sates and two million customersinternationally. The new yet to be named company willstretch from the Canadian border to Mexico with a strongglobal presence in the Untied Kingdom, Central Europe,Australia, and South America (Padley 1). The merger isexpected to result in a net savings over the next 10 year ofover $1.

    1 billion. Additionally, it is expected to be atax-free, stock-for-stock exchange for shareholders ofboth companies. This merger prepares the new companyfor where the industry is going and not where it is todaywhich is important to customers of the future (NSP – NewRelease 3). Working with retirees and their families, NSPworks to improve the quality of life in our communities. They support local and national initiatives and providedirect support for any involvement with schools, students,and community-based organizations (NSP Community 1& 2).

    “Northern States Power support’s a wide variety ofcommunity based programs (NSP Community 1 & 2):” ?Education Partnerships ? Event Support ? EnergyEducation K-12 ? Calendar Contest K-6 ? NonprofitBoard Participation ? Power Plant Tours ? SpeakersBureau ? Volunteerism The majority of these programs arebased in the Minneapolis and St Paul, Minnesota, area; butyou can contact any NSP office to see what services areavailable in your area. You can also request additionalinformation at emailprotected (NSP Community1). To sum things up, it has been said NSP is the energy tomake things happen. In doing the math, I found that lookingat the services/people, sources of power, rates, profits,Y2K, community involvement, and merger information thatyou can’t go wrong in choosing NSP if you live in thereserving area.

    Northern States Power is the best value fouryour moneyany money does not go as far as it use to. Customers who get there electrical and gas needs fromNSP or anyone of their subsidiaries are truly the winners intoday’s world and getting their monies worth. Works CitedBrauer, David. “NSP’s Grass-Roots Political Strategy. “Corporate Report Minnesota, Mar 94, Vol.

    25, Issue 3,P40, 1p Deliver System Construction & Field Operations. Monthly Performance Update. January 1999 Howard,James J. III. “1998 Shareholders Annual Meeting.

    ” Online. Microsoft Explorer. Internet. 22 March 1999. Available:http://www. nspco.

    com/ nsp/jjhspeech/jh042298. htmMissouri Valley Line Constructors Apprenticeship. “FirstAid. ” September 1993 NSP – Biomass. Online.

    MicrosoftExplorer. Internet. 25 March 1999. Available:http://www.

    nspco. com/renewables/biomass. htm NSP Community Involvement. Online.

    Microsoft Explorer. Internet. 22 March 1999. Available:http://www. nspco. com/nsp/Community%20involvement/cominv.

    htm NSP – Environmental Initiaitives. Online. Microsoft Explorer. Internet. 22 March 1999. Available:http://www.

    nspco. com/environ. htm NSP First-quarterEarning Cut. Minot Daily News 16 April 1999: B6 NSP -News Release. Online. Microsoft Explorer.

    Internet. 25March 1999. Availablehttp://nspco. com/nsp/nwsrel/nwsrel98/123098. htm NSP -News Release. Online.

    Microsoft Explorer. Internet. 26March 1999. Availablehttp://nspco. com/nsp/nwsrel/032599nr. htm NSP – NorthDakota.

    Online. Microsoft Explorer. Internet. 22 March1999.

    Available http://www. nspco. com/nsp/nd. htm NSP Renew Wind. Online. Microsoft Explorer.

    Internet. 25March 1999. Available:http://www. nspco. com/renewables/wind.

    htm NSP – Solar. Online. Microsoft Explorer. Internet. 25 March 1999. Available: http://www.

    nspco. com/renewables/solar. htmNorthern States Power Investor’s Overview. Online. Microsoft Explorer. Internet.

    22 March 1999. Available:http://www. corporate-ir. net/ ireye/ ir_site. zhtml?ticker=nsp&script= 2100&layout=7 Northern StatesPower Energy Wise (Publication for NSP Customers)Spring 1999 Northern States Power Company HomePage.

    Online. Microscoft Explorer. Internet. 22 March1999. Available: http://www. nspco.

    com/ Padley, Karen. “NSP, Denver Utility to Merge. ” Saint Paul Pioneer Press,Minnesota. 25 March 1999. Northern States Power is oneof the nation’s leading energy companies with competitiverates, responsive service, and dependable and reliableenergy.

    Introduction I. Services/People A. ND Customer’sB. Responsible II. Profit A. Growth B.

    Exchanges C. Benefits to Shareholders III Rates A. Prices B. Comparisons C.

    Bottom Line IV Sources of Power A. Wind B. Solar C. Biomass D.

    Environmental V StandingsA. Lost Work Days B. Safety Incident’s C. ProjectsOn-Time VI Y2K A. Budget C. Completed VI First Aid /Safety A.

    Time B. Knowledge C. Incident D. OutcomeVIII Merger A. Reliable X Community A.

    ProgramsSupported B. Contact Conclusion Miscellaneous

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