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    Nature by Ralph Waldo Emerson Essay

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    In the essay “Nature” by Ralph Waldo Emerson, he talks about the wonders of nature that are commonly overlooked by man. He sees these wonders every day and is desensitized to them. Emerson tells how the same things that we think as normal amaze a child. The first time children experience something they are dumbfounded, as we should be, yet nature stays overlooked.

    This essay speaks the complete truth about the way people treat nature and its beauties. I often pass up the amazing things happen around me in the world, thinking “oh I can see it again another time.” What Emerson is trying to tell us is that we should think that this could be the last time we see something of this caliber, and to treat it as such. A beautiful sunset, foliage on the trees, or even something as normal as rain, are all things that are amazing to watch, if you take the time to do so. He describes the model behavior of man towards nature as, “he who’s inward and outward senses are still truly adjusted to each other In the presence of nature a wild delight runs through the man, in spite of real sorrow.

    Emerson uses the actions of a child in the essay to reveal the ignorance of man. A child treats everything it sees as a new and exciting experience, much like we should. We see everything as dull because these things take place everyday of our lives. That makes it no less important or amazing. Nature is something that we should treat as a child does.

    When such supernatural things like an eclipse or something of that nature takes place, we all go out and watch in awe. These things seldom occur and we all take the time to see them. What about the things that are equally as great but are seen everyday Why are they so disregarded It is because we are so busy doing other things that we have no time to stop and take in the things around us that are so brilliant.

    Nature means a lot to me, personally, although I frequently find myself in the same scenario described by Emerson. Yet when I do have time to just sit and see all the things that God has put on the Earth I am completely perplexed. Everything is in complete harmony. The animals, the plants, the seasons, and the skies, all work together so perfectly. It’s amazing how I could sit and enjoy these wonders, but then the very next day, overlook them as I had done before.

    Emerson also describes the special relationship between man and nature. This relationship has been severed over time, however. If man does not love nature, nature can not provide for man. Constantly we pollute and destroy nature’s precious assets with out a second thought. And we expect nature to still be there for us. We want the trees to provide oxygen, but we cut them down, we want to swim in the rivers, but we contaminate them with sewerage, and we want good food to eat, but we destroy the land. We shouldn’t take more than we need from nature, and treat is with respect and reverence. That way nature will provide for us.

    People should look at this essay and realize how important nature is and to stop and enjoy its splendor as much as possible. Emerson’s words that “the seasons are not always tricked in holiday attire” are very true in that the beauty is always there, but we just don’t care to pay attention to it. If everyone could feel the same about nature as Emerson did, we could all enjoy life so much more and, in my opinion, life would be much better for all.

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