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    Myth’s Theories Essay (625 words)

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    There are four basic theories of myth.

    Those theories are: the rational myththeory, functional myth theory, structural myth theory, and the phsycologicalmyth theory. The rational myth theory states that myths were created to explainnatural events and forces. Functional myths are what you call the kinds of mythsthat were created as a type of social control. The third myth theory is thestructural myth theory.

    This theory says that myths were patterned after humanmind and human nature. The phsycological myth theory is the fourth myth theorywhich states that myths are based on human emotion. The rational myth theorystates that myths were made to better understand natural events and forces thatoccurred in the everyday lives of people. This theory also explains that thegods and goddesses controlled all of these happenings of nature. Examples ofthis type of myth are creation myths from different cultures.

    Creation mythsexplain how man was created and explain what the gods and goddesses used andwhat actions they took to create humans. These myths also tell what substanceswere used (if any) in order for man to exist. The existence of man is a naturalevent but creation myths give other explanations. The functional myth theorytalks about how myths were used to teach morality and social behavior. It statesthat myths told about what types of things should and shouldnt be done, andthe consequences for those wrong doings. The functional myth theory also statesthat myths were created for social control and served the function of insuringstability in a society.

    A story about a tribe who rebelled against the greatserpent, Degei, is a good example of a functional myth. This story is about atribe who learned many skills from their great serpent god, Degei, and thenbecame Degeis workers and servants. Two chiefs of this tribe were sick ofworking for him and tried to defeat him; they were too weak for Degei. Insteadof winning their freedom, they were killed in a great flood caused by Degei.

    This myth is trying to say that you should not be lazy because if you are, thenyou will regret it. Structural myths are said to be myths based on humanemotion. These types of myths show the two sides of the human mind; the goodside and the bad side. They show the divided self and the duality of humannature.

    Myths about Hercules show how the human mind can be both good and bad. Hercules did both good and bad things. One of the bad things he did was (in”Jason and the Argonauts”) he stole a broach pin from the treasure chamberof the god Talos. This sin caused his friend to be killed. Hercules knew thathis friend was killed because of his sin, so to make up for it, he vowed to stayon the island until his friend was found.

    The phsycological myth theory stateshow myths are based on human emotion and that they come from the humansubconscious mind. Cultures all around the world had similar fears, questions,and wishes which, to them, were unexplainable. That is the reason thatphsycological myths were made; and that is why there are archetypes sharedbetween cultures. Archetypes are general forms and characters used by allcultures.

    Some archetypes found between cultures are having a sky god (Zeus andOleron),a sea god (Poseidon and Olokun), and an agricultural god (Orisha-Oko andDemeter). These archetypes are examples of how people think alike when it comesto things that are to them mysteries and fears. In conclusion, it appears thatman created myths for quite a few reasons. These reasons include explaining theunknown, natural events and forces, to show the duality and pureness of humannature and the human mind, and to help societies maintain order and remainstable. There must be more reasons of exactly why myths should have arisen butthat is beyond the extent of this essay.

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