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    My Personal Smart Goals (1042 words)

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    In the beginning of the Fall semester, I must come up of SMART goals for BA180. What are SMART GOALS’sMART goals are actually an acronym that guides you with a setting of objectives. It answers the 5 “W” when creating your SMART goals. The letter S means specific, which would help get what you exactly want. The letter M means measurable, which would you identify your goal and break it into measurable parts. The letter A means attainable, which is asking if this goal is acceptable. The letter R means realistic, which is asking if your goal is relevant or realistic to you. The letter T means timely, which is making the deadline for the goal you are trying to achieved. The SMART goals are used to create 3 goals for BA180, 1 goal for my career, and 1 goal for my personal life.

    First goal for BA180

    My goal is learning how to communicate effectively each week through written materials and oral presentations or one-on-one by the end of the semester. In each week, I could participate in class and grade my progress through the recordkeeping form every three days. I will take down notes every class and see how I could improve or what to improve. I will speak clearly and concisely without stuttering by practicing. I will answer questions the best way I can and ask questions if I needed to. When I present projects, I will listen to critique and see what I need to improve on. I will write down notes and see if I could rewrite my notes to be more clear and organized. I could research tips and advice to help me improve my note taking and verbal communication. As a result, I will improve my skill on communication so I could communicate with others better and establish business relationships. I will have a high or slightly high percentage for my participation for every week, which will help my grade. I will improve my notes taking every week. I will evaluate my progress every month and adjust my process to make this goal happen.

    Second goal for BA180

    My goal is how to improve my interview performance and make a good impression on my employer. I will research tips and advice about interview questions, looks, and nonverbal communication for one to two hours on the weekend. I will take down notes and review them whenever I can during the week. I will practice interview questions and work on my answers. I could review the tips and advice that I researched within the week or weekend. I could ask somebody to help me practice, like a family member or a friend. I will ask for their critique on my interview. If I could limit at least 2-3 hours to research and review, I could learn how to answer interview questions and make a good impression on my employer. If I do it successfully, I could properly be hire for the job I wanted. I will evaluate my progress every two weeks and adjust my process to make this goal happen.

    Third goal for BA180

    My goal is to improve my skills on critical thinking and problem solving to help answer and solve problems at work or school. I could practice by solving at least one problem a day during my free time within each week. I could also research for tips and advice and take down notes. I will ask the “5 W’s” to answer the problem. I could also question basic assumptions of the problem to help answer. I improve my brain function by walking for 30 minutes, eat the right kind of food, and solve a problem a day. I will research tips and advice on Mondays tries to apply it to solving a problem. As a result, I will think critically will benefit me in the classroom and in real life. It allows me to create arguments and back them up. It allows me to develop intellectually even after I graduate. I will evaluate my progress within each week. My plan will be adjust if progress is not made.

    Career goal

    My goal is to effectively network with different people and land a job by the end of this Fall semester 2018.I could join events or organizations to become more sociable with other people if there is a possibility. I could talk different people in my classes too. I will research how to be sociable and confident to apply in real life. As a result, I will be more confident in myself and talking to other people. By building these kinds of relationships with others, they might be offering a job in the future or new opportunities. I will evaluate my progress and see if I will talk to at least five different people by the half of this semester. My plan will adjust if progress is not made.

    Personal goal

    My goal is to learn how to cook on my own and provide for myself by the end of this Fall semester 2018. I could look up affordable recipes on every Friday and practice this recipe by cooking it for my family for dinner every Saturday. I will research and prep ingredients on Fridays. I will bookmark the recipe or write it in a notebook. On Saturdays, I will re-read or review the steps and practice my cooking in the kitchen. If I need help, I could ask my mom to help me. After dinner, I will ask my family for their critique to see what I need to improve on. As a result in improving my cooking, I could provide for myself and practice my independence. I will evaluate my progress within each week and learn at least 4 recipes within a month. I will adjust my plans to make my goal happen.


    Even though this is all new to me, this assignment helped me understand more about SMART goals better. When creating my SMART goals, it was a bit difficult for me but I eventually got it. For the 3 BA180 goals, it was created to helped me through this class, any business, and me. For the 1 career goal, it could help me with my future career. For my personal goal, it would help grow personally.

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