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    My Personal Goals in Education (526 words)

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    To graduate with a bachelor’s degree and set up a translation business. This is a specific goal because I haven’t just thought about ‘studying something’. Before that, I had only thought about obtaining a bachelor’s degree, but without contemplate something specific. Presently, I know it’s more satisfactory to be clear about my goal. Measurable. This goal is highly motivating. I will know that I am achieving my goal when I am acquiring the skills and knowledge required to run a business.

    I will acquire this knowledge and skills gradually. In this way, the business classes will aid me to know how to manage a company. Because my goal is to establish a translation business, I need to get several translation certifications. I have the business and legal translation certificates, but I still need to get a medical translation certificate. Aggressive. I will use as much time as possible to achieve this goal. Time is routinely my enemy, especially when I abandon things for later. One of the most evident habit regarding this topic is to become disciplined. Thus, I will have to say ‘no’ to many distractions that prevent me from achieving this goal, such as watching a lot of movies, and the indiscriminate use of social networks. Both consume me most of my time.

    However, it’s precise that I must employ my free time to do relaxing things, but that shouldn’t be time-consuming. Realistic. A goal can be realistic and ambitious, but there are factors that influence achieving it, for example, my reality. One of the things I believed long time ago was that I could learn English very well in a few months. It was because I heard a lot of advertising announced how easy it was ‘to speak English in a month’. However, when I moved to the United States, I realized that reality, my reality, was different. As a result, I learned English in a year. In addition, it is significant to know that it is necessary set short, medium, and long-term goals. In my case, the short-term goal is to perform all my assignments on time. In the medium term, it is to evaluate all my progress after completing the units I have made so far. The long-term goal is to achieve the number of credits necessary to obtain my bachelor’s degree. Finally, one of the things I have to think about is not having to engulf everything.

    Every so often I get extremely enthusiastic about the desire to acquire more knowledge, so, I sign up for in several courses. Presently, I have considered only studying what is within the limits of my time at hand. Time-bound. I have settled a maximum of 4 years to graduate with a bachelor’s degree because it is critical to set a deadline. A deadline is a challenge for me since it inspires us to exploit my potential to achieve a goal. Deadlines represent a commitment to achieve my goals, so the motivation can be significant. Without deadlines, my goals are usually postponed permanently due to procrastination. Therefore, setting deadlines allows me to be predisposed to accomplish a goal when it must be completed.

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