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    My High School Expectations Essay

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    I can’t wait to go to high school. The whole transition from middle school to high school excites me. Now that the school year is almost over, it is finally coming up. The big transition from an eighth grader to a freshman is scary for most, but it is exciting for me. I cannot wait to be with upperclassmen and be able to learn at a faster rate. I will be taking the more advanced classes in highschool, so I am sure I will be in classes with older kids. Although there are many other reasons why I am excited to go to high school, the main ones are more freedom, the time you leave, and the football games.

    The first thing that I am excited for in high school is the more freedom. For example, in high school, you can go to your locker in between any class, instead of having set times like at the middle school. Also, you have the freedom to pick your classes and your electives. Instead of having to do Advanced Algebra Two, you have the choice to take it. Also, you can choose if you would rather do woodshop or video editing. You also get to choose what clubs you want to do. In high school, you are treated more maturely than you are at the middle school, and that will give you more freedom.

    Another exciting thing about high school is the time you get to leave. Instead of leaving at three o’clock in the afternoon, you get to leave at 2:20 P. M. This will let me get home earlier and let me get things done sooner. Because of this time change, when I get home I will be able to be outside longer before it becomes dark. Also, I don’t mind getting up earlier to get out of school early. Unlike most kids, I would rather wake up early and get out of school earlier than to wake up and get out early. I cannot wait to get out of school at 2:20.

    The final reason why I am excited for high school is because of the football games. I love watching football, and when I go to high school, I will be able to go to more of them. The football games are something to do where you can watch a fun sport and have a fun time with your friends. When going to these games, it will let you meet other kids that may be older than you. Going to them would be a great place to make some new friends. Also, it is a great way to show support for your school and their team. I can’t wait to go to these games and have tons of fun at them.

    More freedom, leaving time, and football games are all reasons why I am excited to go to high school. In high school, you are treated older and therefore granted more freedom. Also, you get out an earlier time, enabling you to do other things. Finally you can go to the football games to meet new friends and have a fun time watching football. These are all great reasons why I am excited to go to high school. I will miss middle school, however, and its teachers. But, I will meet new teachers and have more great experiences.

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