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    My Expierence in Cosmetology (1271 words)

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    Having a passion in the beauty industry for making people feel well by minimizing their least features and enhancing their best properties to improve their self-esteem is what made me enjoy being in the Cosmetology field. As an aspiring hair stylist, the Cosmetology industry is extraordinary, but also has many obstacles they face. One is the usage of hot tools and the production of products that harm or damages the hair, skin or nails. (Connel,1) Reducing the number of usage of thermal appliances can be lowered by finding new methods of natural products to achieve the final product without harming or damaging the hair, skin, and nails. (Calderone,1). I believe that to help reduce the use of thermal tools and harmful products to the hair, skin, and nails. We should invest in useful tools, natural items, and seek new techniques to get desire look with no heat or harmful products that will ruin the beauty and health of your hair, skin, and nails. (Calderone, 2)

    Many people don’t realize that exposing heat to the hair will damage and causes split ends and make the hair look unhealthy and brittle. Not only does heat harm the hair but also many products that we use on the hair harm it. (Calderone,2) Some products include when you use the wrong shampoo. Using many products such as hairspray, gel, etc. Many people pick one and go whether it be the one that smells good or the one that gets their attention. Knowing the type of hair, the texture of the hair is good when choosing the right shampoo. There is a variety of shampoos depending on the type, and texture of the hair. Many shampoos on the back have a scale called the Ph scale that ranges from 0 to 14. 7 being in the middle would be neutral. It’s always good to choose the shampoo that is ranged in the neutral around 4 or 5 to 8. The higher the number in the scale the more damage it will do to the hair because it has more potential.(Milady book) Not only will it damage the hair but will leave the hair dry and unhealthy when using the wrong shampoo. Also, washing the hair with hot water will not be healthy to the hair. Hot water will open the cuticle of the hair shaft, and the hair will start to fall. That’s why many hairstylists recommend to always wash the hair with cold water. Many people use thermal irons when the hair is not completely dry which can damage not only the iron but the hair too. Many people don’t know that using products to prevent damage from hot tools to the hair can protect it from injuring the hair shaft. The hair shaft is a technical name for hair strand that includes the cuticle, cortex, and medulla. the cuticle is known to protect the hair, give it its shine, and gives it a smooth feeling to the hair. The cortex is where everything happens when in a process for hair color. For example, before using heat on the hair whether it’s blown dry or thermal tools. (Milady book) It is always good to use a heat protectant on the hair to protect the hair. this will help the hair get the best result. (Lee,3) This problem got my attention because I see many people not taking care of their hair or its damaged. I get told I have healthy hair and they ask me how I maintain it healthy. I take care of my skin I protect it from heat when in need. I try my best to stay away from thermal instruments, also I use natural goods to maintain it. For instance, when my ends are getting dry, I get coconut oil and saturate the ends which give it get an extra layer of shine and softness. There are many ways to have the finishing product. If you want natural curly beachy waves is it suggested to after washed hair to damp it and left in braids. the next day you would just undo the braid and enjoy natural no heat braids. When you want curly many people to have different methods to curl hair overnight with no heat non-damaging tools such as bobby pins, clips, headbands.(Connel,1) Many people usually teens use thermal tools to either straighten their hair, or curl, but don’t use a heat protectant. Which causes the look of damaged or unhealthy hair. Many people are affected by this problem differing from teens to adults but I think usually the number of teens that use thermal tools.

    As a current passionate hairstylist, I think we should limit the usage of hot tools, although if in need use a heat protectant or styling it with no heat and taking care of it. I believe that will resolve the problem by not exposing heat to the hair by drying it and reducing the appearance of split ends and unhealthy hair. Coconut oil is a natural product that works by moisturizing the hair, skin, and nails. Preventing the number of split ends and dry skin. This resolution wouldn’t affect us badly. (Sandeen ,2) Although, the companies that manufacture the thermal tools will decrease the number of sells but won’t completely shut down. It will benefit us by saving money and saving the health of our hair.

    As a student in Cosmetology, we learn many skills on how to enhance one’s features and make the best for the clients. We are up to date with trends and how to achieve it with the usage of no damaging natural products do not harm the hair. We are always up to date with trends and styles and new methods that can make an impact for not using hot tools. (Cosmetology instructor) We find ways to provide the final look with non-damaging products and tools. We as Cosmetologist provide the best for clients. The best for clients is making sure they get what they want, healthy hair, skin, and nails. Such as protecting the hair with a heat protector, setting the settings of the iron to the appropriate temperature, and recommending the right products and methods to the thermal iron. (Mallegg ,2)

    Investing in instruments and products that are not harmful to the hair skin and nails will save and reduce the usage of hot tools and damaging products. The usage of hot tools increases the power and usage of electricity that could increase the power bill and dangerous if not in use. Not only does it need a lot of power but also is very hot and can be dangerous at times when around kids or improper usage. (Cosmetology instructor)

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