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    Music Research Essay (822 words)

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    People have now started using music while they are studying, but the question stands does music really help you to stay focused on the task at hand? Most people would say yes, saying that the music helps to relax them and keep them on track. Although many others would say otherwise, claiming that the music is a distraction to them as they try to work. The true answer is that it depends on the person, and the type of music they are listening to.

    Whether or not music can help you while you study completely depends on the person and their learning style. It also depends on the music, music with vocals may become distracting while studying and instrumental music may not. It all depends on you. There are, truly, two different types of people when it comes to this subject, those who study well with music playing, and those who do not study so well with music. The people who study well while listening to music might find it hard to focus if they were to not have music playing.

    They might find the outside stimulus distracting, if they weren’t listening to music, and thus have a more difficult time trying to study. To them the music helps keep them focused on what they are doing because the music prevents outside stimulus from being distracting. The music, to them, would provide them their own little world, you could say, that keeps them focused on their task. Music also relaxes the brain, which reduces stress for the student. That could also be why the student prefers to listen to music whilst they are studying.

    It will help reduce the stress of studying and in some cases could even make the studying fun. However, there are those who just absolutely cannot study while listening to music. To those types of people the music itself would be a distraction, and they would get easily side tracked from doing their work. This makes it harder for those students to retain the information, and thus making the tests and quizzes harder for them.

    When they try to listen to music and study at the same time, to them the outside stimulus becomes more interesting than what they are trying to focus on. They would have to go back and study the same thing a billion times. Listening to music while studying effects different people in different way; sometimes it will help people, other times it is just the opposite. It just depends. As you know, there are many varieties of music, Jazz, Pop, Classical, etc. Different music can cause you to study in different ways; some music may help while some may not.

    It all simply depends on your music taste. It is the type of music you choose that depends on how well you may study. Among the many varieties of music there are but two different types of music, those with lyrics and instrumental music. A lot of the time lyrical music can be found the most distracting kind of music to study with.

    The lyrical music would distract students from their studies, they would have difficulty focusing. Especially when working with a language, or anything that deals with other words. The lyrical music would conflict with your brain as you tried to study. Thus making the studying much more difficult.

    Though there are some students who prefer to study with lyrical music. Instrumental music on the other hand has been proven to help many students study. The instrumental music reduces stress for the student and relaxes the mind. This helps the student not be so stressed out, and helps them focus on their work.

    Many students prefer to study with instrumental music rather than lyrical music for that very reason. The instrumental music does not offer much distraction, for there are no words for the brain to try to focus on other than their work. Music can do many things, such as offer an escape from reality sometimes, a way to soothe the brain after a long stressful day, and can help cheer you up if you’re feeling down. People have more recently taken to using music while they study. Does music help them while they study? The only true answer that can be given is it depends.

    It depends on you, your learning styles, and the type of music you pick. Whether or not music can help you study or not is just something you will come to find out on your own.


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