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    Music Essay Summary

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    When someone focuses on a certain type of music it tends to change the social manners such as dressing, attitude and even different way of speaking. Everything is caused by the effect of music, and we see it every day in society. In my case, I did change a lot of old habits and, many friends as a result of making me see life from another perspective. Just passing a couple of years I was still young and very open minded that at that time I got bored of listening always the same things and the same meaning of the songs. I started listen a variety of genres of music such as pop, rock, alternative etc. T finally I found metal at my fourteen years old. Since I heard those guitar solos my life changed completely, I got to say that I felt in loved with the sound of that music. Drastically I started learning how to play the guitar, and learning each song I liked. I also started going to shows and local concerts of my city and I learned a lot about that environment. It made me felt rude, strong and excited the experience of music and society on that field. I also appreciate how the meaning of lyrics in metal songs were different that hip-hop and pop songs. Metal teaches about death, and anger.

    On the other hand hip-hop teaches about life, poverty, and gangsters. In fact, every different genre of music has its own type of lyrics and meanings. Also the same sounds and rhythms within the music makes you feel in a certain mood such as sad, anger, happy, excited etc. For each individual, music has a different purpose and meaning. In my life and now in the actuality I had learn about a lot of different genres and styles, because being an open minded person brings you to new worlds in terms of music, and different feelings and thoughts whenever you heard something.

    I also have to say that music as a lot of functions in my life, because as a musician I can appreciate music different, in fact, I do always pay attention at the rhythm, tones and times of a song each time a listen to something. Back on my old days I used to take very seriously my music styles and way of thinking that made it me change my dressing, and do things related to that environment. Nowadays as I been acquiring more maturing I am not a pride person that lives for a style or a unique social group. I am a musician and I love every different type of music including also electro, dub step, Indies and a variety of efferent genres.

    I love the sounds, the tones, and messages because each song Music Essay By Anastasia feel something different either for good or bad. Music is freedom, it is open your mind to the universe and explore. Since the beginning of history music has been always important in all areas such as cultural, society and even religion. We can say for instance, how some meanings of songs talks about peace, love, and happiness, and on the other hand we can see songs that talks about death, anger and destruction. The point is that the values of music are free and open to any type or roof of people.

    It has a cultural pattern because of the way that different countries listen to different kinds of music and use of instruments. We can say is also influenced in the religious aspect because usually on churches we appreciate praises to God what in other words would be songs with the message of that certain religion. The key is that the world gets identified by music and that in every different places of the world someone feels or shares your same thoughts when listening to something. In conclusion the power of music goes more forward of what we think.

    Everyday music is growing up and evolving with new genres and styles but, the feelings and emotions will be always the same. In fact, the content of a song will be always composed of the same structure such as the rhythm, the tone and the message. Being an open minded person and listening to different kinds of music will make you understand and comprehend different cultures, and social groups. Finally, feel free to listen and love music, because music is an art and a passion. Music is universal and music was made for you and me to love it, explore it, and finally to enjoy it.

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