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    Movie Summary – Pay it Forward Essay

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    The Pay it Forward really inspired the kindness for me. It gave me some emotions, love, desperation, hope, anger, fear and happiness. It showed me altruism and generosity and I can see goodness inside people. When I saw Trevor invites a homeless man called Jerry to eat, shower, and sleep at his house, and Jerry talk to Arlene about how that action change Jerry’s mind make me know how the Pay it forward work. I know that some act seems small with us but it can change other person life, we don’t need a lot of money or power to change the world.

    All we need to do is change the lives of a few people and inspire them to do the same. But I don’t think idea P. I. F could really become a global movement, It needs a lot of trust from people who are helped. I think almost people usually think about what they could receive back. In real life, in a scientific study, people usually feel thankful and want to return the favor (PIF is one) most in short time after they are received from other. It is descending by time so it difficult to become a global movement.

    One thing in real life, people often suspect when they receive a big favor without reward (like reporter in movie). I think almost people usually think about what they could receive back. It really happened in me. I often helped other people even I don’t know or we aren’t close because I think I could get returning a favor, paid back or good relationship or I was in a same conjuncture and I was receive help from other people (maybe wasn’t and at that time I had hoped a person who I know or not help me).

    After this movie, I got a project about pay it forward. Although it seems a work which I must do, I still tried to think about a big kind act or a help form stranger (me). I had had some ideas to do it like help my teacher clean his room or help a sweeper clean but they failed. It was my first try to do a pay it forward act, like Trevor I was so disappointed. But Trevor was success after that so I also tried to find some other ideas. I add friend with a lot of student in school even I don’t know who they are to.

    When one of them in their birth day, it appear in my notification. I had an idea is send him a gift with the PIF. I thought I could skip it so I attached a small paper “happy birthday” and his name on it in to the gift. I put the gift in the ground in front of his door, knocked the door and got out so he didn’t know who give him this gift. I was so excited and happy when I saw he was smiling by the time he opened that gift even though that act is feasible. I saw a thing that when we make people are happy also make we are happy.

    It inspire to me to do the second Pay it forward act. One time, in Sunday night, I saw my house parent was taking garbage from ground and putting it into plastic bag, garbage was huge and so smelly. Student thrown garbage only in Sunday night, two big bin was full so student put their trash in the ground. Houseparent must clean it. Although we don’t like each other because I had been late to check-in a lot in the past and he often go to my room to makes me clean my room when I doing homework or playing game, but I still went to and said I let me help him.

    We cleaned the trash together and I sent him the paper. He took a look into me for a second, and said thank you a lot. I felt so high. About 5’C, I went to buy gift and help my houseparent put garbage in to bag, it’s my competence. I went to ask people to let me help is my confidence and connection. I give stranger a gift in his birthday and know how hard to pick garbage in the bag with only one person and I helped him, it’s caring. I tried to do my other PIF act even I failed before, I’m a person of character

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