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    Moon Jelly Fish Sample Essay

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    The Moon Jellyfish in the scientific universe is known as the Aurelia aurita. It is one of the most common Portuguese man-of-war along the Atlantic Coast. It is reportedly less deadly than other jellyfish. The Moon Jellyfish is normally semitransparent white. pink or ecru. It is in the Kingdom Animalia. Followed by the Phylum Cnidaria. The Moon Jellyfish is in the category Scyphozoa. Its belongs to the order Semaeostomeae. It is in the household Ulmaridae and the Genus Aurelia. The Moon Jellyfish belongs to the Species A. aurita.

    The Moon Jellyfish has nematocysts on its tentacles which is a deadly coiled thread-like stinger. When the nematocyst is called upon to fire. the yarn is straight. and springs directly. The harpoon-like yarn punctures through the cnidocyte wall and into the quarry. Once it captures prey on its tentacles it is brought to its organic structure by undertaking its tentacles in a corkscrew gesture. It feeds on plankton which includes beings such as molluscs. crustaceans. urochordate larvae. rotifers. immature polychetes. protozoons. diatoms. eggs. fish eggs. and other little beings.

    All Aurelia including the Moon Jellyfish swim by pulsings of the bell-shaped upper portion of the animate being. Swiming largely maps to maintain the animate being near the surface of the H2O instead than to do advancement through the H2O. They swim horizontally. maintaining the bell near the surface at all times. This allows the tentacles to be spread over the largest possible country. in order to better catch nutrient. The coronal musculus allows the animate being to throb in order to travel. Urges to contract are sent by manner of the subumbrellar nervus cyberspace and are nervous in beginning. The Moon jelly has rhopalial centres. which allow it to command the pulsings. As the O rate in the H2O goes down. so excessively does the respiratory rate of the Portuguese man-of-war.

    The Moon Jellyfish is found in three oceans. The Atlantic Ocean. Pacific Ocean. and the Indian Ocean. They are found near the seashore. largely in warm and tropical Waterss. But they can defy temperatures every bit low as -6 grades Celsius and every bit high as 31 grades Celsius. They thrive in H2O with a temperature of 9-19 grades Celsius. Their home ground includes the coastal Waterss of all zones and they occur in immense Numberss. They are known to populate in brackish Waterss with every bit low a salt content as 0. 6 % . Decreased salt in the H2O diminishes the bell curvature and frailty versa. They live in the Biomes reef. tropical coastal. and freshwater lake.

    Sexual adulthood in Moon Jellyfish occurs in the spring and summer. Their eggs develop in sex glands located in lookouts formed by the frills of the unwritten weaponries. Their sex glands are normally the most recognizable portion of the animate being. because of their deep and conspicuous colour. Their sex glands lie near the underside of the tummy. Males and females are distinguishable and reproduction is sexual.

    The Moon Portuguese man-of-war. unlike some other species of Portuguese man-of-war. has both unwritten weaponries and tentacles to ease its feeding procedure. Moon Jellyfish are the most commonly kept species of Portuguese man-of-war. in both public fish tanks and by serious hobbyists. The sting of the Moon Portuguese man-of-war is non fatal or unsafe to worlds. Moon Jellyfish do non possess a encephalon. hear. blood. head eyes or ears. They are 95 % H2O. It has two chief phases of life. The first phase is the polyp phase and the 2nd is the medusa phase.

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