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    Modern Day Slavery in Texas Essay

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    Modern Day Slavery in Texas Human Trafficking, best known as modern day slavery, is a major problem in Texas. Human trafficking can be defined into two types of Trafficking: Involuntary servitude which includes the domestic work such as Nannies, maids, and housekeeping, the business operations which consist of the Nail salons, massage parlors, and construction, and also the larger operations like the factory sweat shops and Agricultural farming.

    The second Trafficking is the most lucrative being the Sex exploitation of children, women, and men. This trafficking consists of operations of ight clubs, modern day brothels, services of women and men being used as escorts, and the victim being controlled by a Pimp. Many people think that slavery ended back when Lincoln was president, when in fact today it is more productive than ever. In 2000 the first law on the Federal level was placed in to affect, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act (TVPA).

    This law assists the States with funding to help local and state law enforcement to concentrate on the efforts of attacking the war of modern day slavery. In 2003, Texas being one of two states, presented a law that ratified illegalization of Human Trafficking in the State. Victims who are forced into trafficking “are those aged 10-35 and who are indigenous, ethnic minority, rural, or refugee groups” (A Report of the Texas Advisory Committee to the United States Commission on Civil Rights, August 2011, p2). A vast majority of victims rescued each year are rescued from Texas.

    According to estimates within the first 48 hours of running away is when victims are more likely to be swindled into sex trading. Human Trafficking has a negative effect on the economy and society in both the sex industry and labor enslavement. In the involvement of the sex trafficking, Victims suffer extreme physical and mental abuse”(p2), causing the victim to have to have some type of treatment if injuries are sustained. In some cases female victims become pregnant, creating a need for continually healthcare.

    Without having the means for health insurance, Victims are left to either seek help by state funded health insurance which in turns raises taxes or not pay the bill at all leaving the hospital or clinic to write off the bill that was accumulated therefore causing medical cost to increase. In the cases that the victim does become pregnant, there is need for health cost for the baby as well. If the mother gives the baby up for adoption the state is responsible for the cost of caring for the child until adequate living arrangements can be met, if any are even made.

    In regards to Labor slavery, victims are paid under the table, if paid at all, hence wages are never reported allowing the employer not to pay taxes nor supply the employee with benefits. This also causes an increase in taxes. Cheaper labor paid under federal wage, places a major pressure on competing legal companies as they cannot meet the supply and demand for what the illegal operation is providing. This in turns causes the demand for labor to Increase, suDJectlng more vlctlms to De explolte t a.

    I Is estlmatea tnat Oue to tnls loss of wages, forced labor brings in over $20 million a year. With the amplified demands for human trafficking and Texas being on the Mexico border, the operation places strain on Border control. “Texas is considered the epicenter of human trafficking in the United States”. (Living Safe: Houston and Texas a hub for human trafficking, Your Houston News; WEB) An unknown amount of victims are moved in and out of Texas on daily bases. With the activity of the trafficking operations, crime also surges, lacing more stress on law enforcement officers.

    Most important issue about human trafficking is the overall lack of knowledge, society has. Most people living in Texas don’t realize the major role Texas plays in the exploitation of the victims of commercial sex and labor slaves. Texas has many accesses to the rest of the United States such as major cities with large airports, Interstates running across the country, and many other ways to provide the criminals a way to expand business. Many of the operations or businesses are disguised as legitimate businesses, allowing peration to continue with no suspect of any illegal activity.

    Commercial sex and labor slavery are both major examples of human trafficking. Both having history dating back into the days of Lincoln, yet even with all the technology and advancement in law enforcement, is an uncontrollable operation. Texas, one of the largest states, has more cases of human trafficking than most of the other states. Therefore with the laws already in placed being updated every year, victims will be given more respect and rights allowing them to come forward so that the operation can be stopped from within by controlling the demand at the same time.

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