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    Mobile Music Touch Essay

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    Yet the process of learning an instrument can be time-consuming and often beyond the time constraints of a busy working adult. Beyond the initial learning of songs, practice is required to retain the knowledge. As soon as a new song is learned, forgetting begins immediately [2]. Thus, repetitious practice is needed to retain the new skills. For some musicians with repetitive stress injuries, such practice can, ironically, be hazardous to their career. However, learning is not always an active process. Much research has been conducted on the phenomenon of sieve learning.

    Passive learning is described as learning that is “caught, rather than taught,” and is characterized as “typically effortless, responsive to animated stimuli, amenable to artificial aid to relaxation, and characterized by an absence of resistance to what is learned” [10]. Studies have shown that passive learning of information can occur when subjects are exposed to media rich environments. In a study by Cliff King and Robin Snyder, subjects who lived in a media rich environment and were passively exposed to political information were 40% more keel to have acquired the information than subjects living in a media poor environment [17].

    Both subject groups had no interest in the political information. With the progression of technology in the mobile and tactile fields, a media rich environment need not only be limited to audio and visual stimulation. Research has shown that a multi-modal combination of audio and hepatic cues gives the user a richer understanding of musical structure and improves performance of the musical piece [6, 7, 11]. Perhaps a user can be exposed to practice and repetition of hepatic kills while engaged in their daily routines (e. G. Working at a desk, commuting on the subway, etc. And can thus reinforce their skills “automatically. ” We term the phenomenon of acquiring motor skills without active attention “Passive Hepatic Learning” (PHIL). Note that passive tactile learning, as will be discussed here, would be technically a subset of passive hepatic learning. Other researchers have examined Mobile Music Touch (MAT) helps teach users to play piano melodies while they perform other tasks. MAT is a lightweight, wireless hepatic music instruction system insisting of fingerless gloves and a mobile Bluetooth enabled computing device, such as a mobile phone.

    Passages to be learned are loaded into the mobile phone and are played repeatedly while the user performs other tasks. As each note of the Mobile Music Touch By luxuriating used to play each note. We present two studies on the efficacy of MAT. The first measures 16 subjects’ ability to play a passage after using MAT for 30 minutes while performing a reading comprehension test. The MAT system was significantly more effective than a control condition where the passage was played repeatedly but the objects’ fingers were not vibrated.

    The second study compares the amount of time required for 10 subjects to replay short, randomly generated passages using passive training versus active training. Participants with no piano experience could repeat the passages after passive training while subjects with piano experience often could not. Author Keywords Hepatic, Tactile, Music, Wearable, Passive training ACM Classification Keywords H. 5. 2 Information Interfaces and Presentation: Miscellaneous. General Terms Human Factors, Experimentation.

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