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    Makeup Isn’t Just For Men (658 words)

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    Makeup has been around for centuries, the earliest signs of use of makeup was from the ancient Egyptians. Although some of these products weren’t exactly the safest to use or was used only by the wealthy, they still carved the path of how makeup is used today. In the 17th century aristocrats first started to market makeup towards the upper-class Caucasian men and women for skin whitening mask to help cover up small pox scars. In the last 150 years the makeup industry has changed dramatically and how it is beginning to be accepted that everyone can wear it. Although this was normal at certain points in history, it was widely unaccepted for men to wear makeup in many cultures from the 1800’s to the 21st century, but today it is becoming more popular to have male makeup brand ambassadors for cosmetic companies. Transition?

    First Main Point

    The history of makeup is vast and can be dated back to 10,000 BCE. Yet the reason makeup was worn and who was able to wear it differentiates from every culture and every time period. Originally makeup was worn by both men in women in ancient Egypt, but only by the wealthy or people born of a high social status. Although women at that time had worn it in a heavier fashion whereas men wore a dramatic eyeliner and green pigmented eyeshadow. In modern history makeup was solely worn by white women, until the 1920’s when makeup started to be available to women of color. Yet, it wasn’t socially accepted for men to wear makeup. Although there were times in modern history of when men wore makeup, but it still wasn’t widely accepted. For example, a lot of the male 90’s punk rock bands wore heavy eye liner, painted their nails black, and sometimes dark eye shadow. The concept of ‘metrosexuality’ started in the 90’s when they became cultural consciousness. Metrosexuality is a way to describe a heterosexual man who is conscientious about his grooming and appearance and typically spends a significant amount of time and money on shopping. Transition ?

    Second Main Point

    In 2016, people first saw this shift in makeup when James Charles was named Cover Girl’s first male makeup ambassador. Up until that point in time this was unheard of. After Cover Girl’s shock to the public, this movement spread like a wildfire. James Charles became one of the many males who became makeup brand ambassadors or beauty influencers. Many popular names such and Jeffree Star, Manuel Gutierrez also known as Manny MUA, and Lewys Ball are just to name a few of the many male makeup influencers. Some have even started their own makeup company’s like Jeffree Star before this this movement became widespread. Others had opportunities to be heard, seen, and even work with makeup companies to create their own makeup pallets sponsored by certain makeup companies. For example, in 2018, the makeup brand Morphe collaborated with James Charles to create an eyeshadow pallet that sold out in minuets when it was launched. Even though Cover Girl may have put the ball in motion, but Rimmel London, Maybelline, MAC Cosmetics, and Morphe have continued this ever-growing social shift in a very positive way. This social shift is being embraced by many in generation Z whereas generation Y is also more supportive of this shift than any other generations. Transition

    Third Main Point

    The rules of gender presentation are becoming more flexible as the social shift changes. As makeup continues to slowly make its way into some men’s everyday routines. Although this isn’t necessarily in the larger-than-life fashion of Jeffree Star or Manny MUA, but in more subtle ways. For example, it’s becoming increasing more popular for men to use concealer on a blemish. Some of the gender-neutral advertisement campaigns from the brand Milk Makeup. Milk Makeup is trying to help the denaturalization of the view of makeup as a feminine endeavor.

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