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    Make it up with Makeup (509 words)

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    We live in a world where a lot of our interactions are made on social media platforms. Social media platforms are one of the sources we can follow celebrities, idols, and public figures. We see too perfect images among these celebrities almost every day. We learn from these celebrities on how to boost our self-confidence by making a better version of ourselves. According to (n.d.), Confidence means feeling sure of yourself and your abilities — not in an arrogant way, but in a realistic, secure way. Confidence is feeling free and knowing how much esteem you put in yourself. Being confident means overcoming one’s insecurities. We must always remember that no matter what we looked like, it is the result of what we perceive of ourselves.Using makeup and cosmetics is a way for us to show that. The primary purpose of makeup and cosmetics is to improve what we have. Improving further is a sign that we are gaining little by little self-confidence.

    Some people disagree with using Cosmetics or Makeup to show confidence and beauty. Confidence comes from within the person and that natural beauty is perfect for showing that confidence. Makeup is just a toxic chemical that we put in our faces to make us pretty, covering our real faces. Makeup is too much for other people to conceive, but these are wrong. We use Makeup for ourselves, not others. Cosmetics is not a cover to take cover behind, nor is it something that lone the “lovely” ought to do. Plenty of ladies with low confidence choose to stay away from cosmetics inside and out, suspecting that by not thinking about their appearance they will figure out how to be ok with their identity. Women don’t know how they can be if they use cosmetics. They don’t know that they will see a different version of them, with a lot of confidence within. Every cosmetic that we use is a step to seeing how beautiful we truly are. Your establishment ought not to shroud your normal skin shading. It ought to just level out those little defects. Your redden skin is to give you a sound sparkle, which would radiate at any rate as you trust how decent you look. Your mascara eyelashes, your delicious lips… each cosmetics routine resembles a tribute to your particular excellence.

    Cosmetics is Art like Painting and Sculpture. Cosmetics is Industry like Computers and Films. Cosmetics is a Life Skill like Cooking and Driving. What’s more, the majority of all, Makeup is a Gift, a Pleasurable activity like Music that makes us happy, as well as better. Cosmetics enhance you, not change you. No one is indifferent to the image in the mirror. Cosmetics are one of the medium for perceiving our own identity. It is a space for innovativeness and usefulness. People would look extraordinary outside and they would feel fulfilled inside. Don’t be scared of what people might say, be scared of what you can’t do while people are judging you.

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