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    Love Those Who Loved You First Essay

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    Most young people fight with their parents. Young people think their parents do not understand them, or simply that they are too old to understand a young person. Even the youth of today say: My parents have gone through their mistakes, when they were young. I want to go through my mistakes. How sad is to see my mom and my dad doing their best for me, and I just get mad of my mother because she was correct and I didn’t. But this is how my life changed through a fight with my mother. I remember that day, the 4 of November 2009. It was a long day in middle school because I kept thinking about a bad grade in Spanish class.

    The truth is that I do not know much about the syllables, consonants and etc. and less about where to put a period or comma. In the quiz that I got a failing grade. In my mind I was worried about the reaction of my mom. When I finally got home, very quickly I walked around the room, but my mom asked me: “Hector Hello, How did you do today? ” and I answer to her: “very good mother, only that I have bad news… ” I was pulling out the quiz slowly , where I got bad grade, and I was staring into the eyes of my mother when suddenly were opened and a voice of angry it I wonder: “because you have this bad grade? and with a slow shameful voice I replied: “you do not understand me mother,” She said, “Sure, I’ll always understand and always and tried to do, but I need you to tell me. ” I just annoyed me much more like ants … the more you move them, they get angry more. I was so very angry. But what I was really angry was that she had reason. She and I ended fighting, although I was the biggest problem, she just shut up and let me say what I wanted.

    After about a week she told me this: “Hector, Your father and I made a decision. You will have to go to the United States with your aunt and you have to study there. When I heard this, I was super happy. That would be away from my parents, because they did not understand me or anything like that. The first week passed very slowly, because there is absolutely towards anything, had no friends and felt lonely. The first day of school, I came to my first class, which was English class. The teacher told me to read in front of the class. When I started reading, I became more nervous till I cried nonstop, because I felt lonely with no one on my side. My father and my mother are and will be part of my life.

    By end the week, I returned to Mexico to see my parents. When I first saw my mother, teary-eyed and eager to embrace I said. “Mother, I love you so much I want you to forgive me because you and my dad are part of my life and never want to be away from you. ”And she answered me with a calm, soft voice. “My son, do not worry, I e been praying for you since the day we fight and always loved you because you are my son. ” I feel much better with my family. I returned to feel the love that always gave me, since I fight with my mother till I saw coming from Pharr, TX.

    I felt so happy to be with each of my mother, when I saw her hugged her and kissed her and said, what if we go just you and me to lunch and go for a snow and talk about what happened And with a smile on his face said “of course my love”. I understood the decision of my parents, to go to the United States. They want the best for me, and I’ll give my best for my parents because for them, I’m here. In college, learning for have a better future in my life as my parents want to me. All young men and women do not think like their parents fight and try to get up early every day, just to give them what they want.

    We, the youth need to learn how to love and appreciate their parents. We need to work harder every day and give the best of ourselves to those parents who love us so much, even when I’m angry with them. If I, a young man who did not speak much English and had many problems with his mother may be in college, studying for a good life, and giving my best for those who love me. But you know why I do this? Because I learned how difficult life is without parents, but something else learned how to love and appreciate my parents. Love your parents like the last day.

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