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Lord Of The Flies Critique Paper

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Lord of the Flies written by Willam Golding, is a 208-page novel, written in1954. Lord of the Flies is about a group of young English boys whos planes crash onto a remote island. Through the novel the boys gradually changed from civilized English boys to small savages that need to survive. The author used many metaphors and Imagery to describe the situations and places on the island. All the places in the island where described very well for example when Ralph first used the conch to call the other boys.

The author says, Ralph pursed his lips and squirted air into the shell, which emitted a low, farting noise. That line tells the reader exactly how he blew the conch and he described how he put he is lipped on it and what sound it made. He uses very descriptive words in that line and the reader feels like they are standing right next too them. the author’s metaphors are also another good use of litery technique it in the book. Willam Golding also uses alliteration in this next example. This quote is when Jack is ready to hunt the beast.

He gave a wild whoop and leaped down to the pale sand. Wild whoop would be alliteration and could also be considered onomatopoeia. The pale sand is a metaphor because it described what the sand looked like. Willam Golding used many literary techniques in this book which make the book more interesting and fun to read. Lord of the Flies by Willam Golding was very interesting and fun to read. I liked how the author described many aspects of the island and the creatures that lived on it.

The book was very detailed so I always new what was going on and it felt like I was right there because the book is so detailed. I liked reading Lord of the Flies because it was very interesting. It described so many things that i could imagine being next to one of the characters. Lord of the flies proved ot be a great adventure novel. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read adventure novels and peole who like a good ending in the book.

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