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    Long Test in Philippine Literature in English Sample Essay

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    Modified True or False: Read the undermentioned statements. If the sentence is true. write Thymine on the infinite provided. If the sentence is false. underscore the word or phrase that makes the sentence incorrect and compose the right reply on the infinite provided. ( 20 points )

    1. Literature is the contemplation of History because the inside informations it gives to historical events are literally meaningful.

    2. The history of a state can be learned in its fundamental law. in its Torahs. and in its political statements. But to cognize the history of a nation’s spirit. you must read its literature. For through it. you can detect how the people of a state have reacted to the events around them.

    3. Nick Joaquin’s The God Stealer illustrates the battle a modern native Ifugao and his ways of get bying with the challenges and demands of civilization and modernisation.

    4. The Aroma of Apples shows that Filipinos go and live abroad because the Philippines is a state without hope.

    5. Aida Rivera Ford’s Hunger characterizes how the Filipino society is both hapless and promising.

    6. Francisco Icasiano’s The God Stealer uses the construct of cultural disaffection to conscienticise the Filipinos as respects their excessively much sense of colonial outlook.

    7. For Aida Rivera Ford. wealth and comfort in life are non plenty to rise up up a kid as it was reflected in her short narrative. Hunger.

    8. That Bienvenido Santos is the false supporter in The Scent of Apples emphasizes the truth that a literary piece can non get away reflecting the author’s life and surroundings.

    9. Esa. in The Chieftest Mourner. is a Feminist.

    10. Miss Noel. an idealistic English instructor from Pugad Lawin. decided to go forth the school after she saw the world of the instruction system upon the trial of the school supervisors.

    Modified Multiple Choices: Choose the missive of your reply for the undermentioned points. Each of the options is right. nevertheless with matching points ; 5 for highest and 1 for the lowest. ( 50 points )

    1. The dead poet’s niece is the chieftest griever because she.

    A. lost her favorite uncle

    B. did non hold a opportunity to be mentored by her uncle

    C. is the incarnation of the dual criterion society

    D. is enchanted by the enigma of Esa. the fancy man

    E. is sad for her widowed aunty

    2. Miss Noel’s being idealistic is.

    A. baseless

    B. hopeless

    C. hapless

    D. principled

    E. baronial

    3. For F. Sionil Jose. success and modernness.

    A. are evil

    B. can non be achieved unless cultural individuality is wholly disregarded

    C. may still be achieved without needfully burying one’s roots

    D. cause the Westerners to be attracted to alien objects

    E. imperil cultural roots due to their imperialistic nature

    4. Wendy’s unfixed shoe strap shows that.

    A. her parents do non love her

    B. she is all entirely

    C. irresponsible parentage is across socio-economic position

    D. rich childs have their ain portion of jobs

    E. hapless kids are better than rich 1s

    5. The God Stealer pictures the important human experience which says that.

    A. blood is thicker than H2O

    B. the ground for the hunt of individuality is guilt and confusion

    C. success can non compare the benefits of true individuality

    D. the past is like a shade that will forever hangout anyone who tries to abandon it

    E. one can non get away the roots of his/her cultural individuality

    6. “The Chieftest Mourner” . “Hunger” . and “The Visitation of the Gods” portion the subject. .

    A. Filipino young person needs extreme counsel and way

    B. Philippine society is comparatively immature in footings of managing delicate societal issues

    C. Filipino mind is like a kid that looks for its parents for function mold

    D. Filipinos suffer jobs from different degrees and gravitations

    E. immature people are ever present in the Philippines

    7. Wendy is the prototype of a.

    A. fatherless coevals

    B. motherless coevals

    C. coevals that needs counsel and attending

    D. coevals that is ever discontented

    E. clip when people have to work harder to last

    8. The name Philip Latak is symbolic of.

    A. the continuity of the native tradition

    B. the insisting of the western civilization

    C. the ambiguity of the modern Filipino individuality

    D. the mixture of civilizations

    E. the loss of Filipino individuality

    9. The lines “Surely all these old ages. he must hold held on to certain thoughts. certain beliefs even semblances peculiar to the expatriate. ” illustrate.

    A. haughtiness B. realisation C. disaffection D. understanding E. empathy

    10. “At that minute before [ Esa ] fled. I saw what I had waited to see. The mascara had so run down her cheeks. But somehow it wasn’t amusing at all” .

    Above are the concluding lines of the short narrative “The Chieftest Mourner” . which reveal a major feature of the storyteller being.

    A. empathetic B. childish C. funny D. concerned E. scoffer

    Enumeration: Give what each of the undermentioned points asks for. Incorrect spelling is incorrect. ( 15 points )

    1-2. Genre of Literature

    3-7. Elementss of Fiction

    8-12. Partss of a Plot

    13-15. Definition of Stream of Consciousness

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