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    Logo Write-up Essay (812 words)

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    s I had already decided on a name for my company, I decided that my company needed an emblem or a LOGO. This logo will be used as a letterhead and for marketing purposes, a symbol that will represent the company. I feel that a logo should either show the name of the company, or a company slogan and a picture that demonstrates the aim of the company. My company, Football Nation, is a sports company that sells Premier Division Football shirts. I feel that my logo must tell people what type of company it is, and the name of my company.

    My company is a sports company mainly appealing to the youth of the nation. The company name, Football Nation, indicates that we as a country are obviously predominately a football nation. It tells people who do not currently reside in the country that they can buy English football products. As football can be very exciting at times, the logo for my company should maybe represent the flare and enjoyment that the game brings to us. I feel that either a football or a football shirt should appear in the logo.

    I have researched some logos of other sports companies to see how they present their company. Here is the logo for the huge sports company JJB: As you can see the logo says the name of the company in big bold letters. There is no need for a picture or any fancy logos. The logo is simple and effective. The name of the company does all the work. It is colourful and grabs your attention. Here is the logo for the biggest international sports company in the world, Nike. The Nike logo is a simple tick. Their slogan is “Just Do It”.

    The tick reinforces the slogan but it is very simple. It is traditional and simple, and makes the point “You can do it”. The tick is traditional and has been the logo for Nike since the start of the company. This is the logo for the sports company Adidas. Adidas sells all sports equipment. The logo is very simple and does not show that the club is a sports company. It doesn’t appeal to any particular audience. The logos for the companies that I have researched are all very simple and do not convey any particular message or appeal to any particular audience.

    However, these companies are already recognised companies that have been around for years. They don not need any special logos because their names are known internationally. The first logo that I designed is a simple logo with the name of my company and a football next to it. It tells a person that my company is a football company because not only is the name of my company on the logo but there is a football. I created the logo on Adobe PhotoShop. It is a new program to me, as I haven’t used it before. It was fairly easy to pick up however.

    I typed the two words separately so that I could move them easily to where I wanted them to be. Then I went to clip art gallery in word, and copied the picture into PhotoShop. I could now move the words and the picture of the ball wherever I wanted. It was a very easy logo to make. I decided that the first logo that I designed did not need to be very colourful or intricate and hard to make. This was because, after looking at the logos of other companies I did not think that extravagance was necessary. The second logo that I designed was also simple, and easy to make.

    I have used the same football that I used in the previous logo. Football Nation is written on the front of the ball in red letters. Once again I have opted for a logo that tells people the name of my company. After using PhotoShop for my first idea I felt that it would be suitable to use it to design my second logo. Also, after designing the first logo I felt confident that I could use PhotoShop to good effect. To make this logo I had to copy and paste the football from the clip art gallery into PhotoShop.

    Once the football was placed into PhotoShop, the image had to be resized because it was too small. Afterwards I had to create the words. I typed the words together this time, not as two separate word designs. In the word design box I had to change the size of the font as it was too small. I felt that black lettering, on a black and white football would not stand out very much. Hence, the reason for using red text. Red is a fiery and angry colour. Football can sometimes be that way, especially in the Premier League.

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