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    Liberal Arts Essay Thesis

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    The Value of Liberal Arts Liberal Arts can be defined as the study Of general knowledge, humanities, fine arts, natural science and social science, instead of technical studies. These subjects are considered necessary for people in society. A Liberal Arts education is valuable because it is intellectual, teaches you how to think, and heightens creativity. Studying Liberal Arts Will enhance my skills and Will develop me into a well-rounded person with a Nursing career.

    Unlike most professional studies with a focus on career goals, Liberal Art prepares at student for the real world. Most students are not aware of the importance and value of a Liberal Arts education. Courses like English, History, Psychology, Philosophy, and Christianity teaches you how to write and understand. It gives you a better understanding of the world and improves your communication skills. With such a variety students will be more decisive about ideas, beliefs, problems, and choices, This will prepare them for the dilemmas they will face in the world.

    Higher education is not about simply finding a good job after graduation. A liberal college gives you values and standards that will makeup a better person. With a nursing major will need the communication skills that a Liberal Arts education will give, This will help me interact better with my patients and co-workers and understand differences. Working in a nursing home or hospital I will experience different people and beliefs. I have some skills, but an education with a variety will give me an advantage over nurses with a basic 2-year degree that is career orientated.

    I interpret it as HAJJ giving me a foundation. Nursing pre-requisites concurrent with Liberal Arts pre- requisite gives me stepping stones into the nursing program. Ill gain more knowledge this way and once do enter the program Will be well balanced. Some Of my acquaintances think that the pre-requisites are harder than the actual program because of the variety, but disagree. Some Of my high school classmates wanted to attend HUB_I but were deterred because of the Liberal Arts and Christianity requirements.

    They felt social gatherings like convocation and bible studies were unnecessary and boring, but they help you develop better morals and discipline. They will lack these features that will have. Liberal studies require to be artistic and think outside the box. Managers t the odd jobs I have had lacked those features, and that’s why they were bad employers. A liberal college gives students a smaller learning setting which enables us to develop relationships with teachers and students.

    Its much better than a major that’s strictly pre-med or pre-pharmacy, It’s very different from a non-liberal college. It helps develop relationships between the teachers and students. This is impossible at a school with over a hundred thousand students. I not aware of how liberal this college was until my SOAR orientation. Courses like Philosophy and Psychology can be applied to life, In my opinion, high school assn liberal enough. My friends and would find ourselves asking, Men are we going to use this stuff? And ‘Why don’t they teach us stuff that’s useful? ” Where can we apply chemistry if we’re onto Chemist? Thank GOD for bringing me to HOBBLE_ When graduate know will be well prepared for the world. The medical field is a stressful career. You really have to be well- rounded because you are dealing With people. As a nurse you have to understand your patients especially when you are in a nursing home. Overall, am really enjoying this experience. HABIT has this spirit that makes me feel great.

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