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    Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo Essay

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    Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo is a novel filled with action, hatred, sorrow and forgiveness. The main character that the novel focuses on is named Jean Valjean. After going to prison for a petty theft of a loaf of bread, Jean Valjean comes out of imprisonment as an ex-convict. Well informed to others that he is an ex-convict by his passport he tries to set out for a new life. After being rejected several times a man finally opens up his door and invites Jean Valjean inside. Surprisingly the man was a priest, Bishop Myriel.

    Bishop Myriel throughout the novel tries to keep Jean Valjean safe from harm and by doing that, changes the way that Jean Valjean looks at life. With all the chaos occurring in Jean Valjean’s life, a police chief named Javert travels in search of the ex-convict. Javert feels that even that though that Jean Valjean has been punished for his crime, he has been punished enough. In the end Javert kills himself after deciding to let him go. One evening, while staying in the house of the Bishop Jean Valjean is tempted to leave so as a foolish act he decides to steal the silver plates used for special occasions.

    In shame while doing it the bishop interrupts him. Jean Valjean is shocked and feels guilty for what he has done. The Bishop tells him to take the plates along with promising him that he will use them to become honest man. Jean Valjean continues on with his life. Soon Jean Valjean rescues and raises a girl named Cosette. Cosette is Fantine’s daughter. Fantine does her best to support her daughter but her attempts are feeble, so along the way she meets the Thenardiers. Fantine doubted that she will find work as an unmarried mother, she entrust the Thenardiers with her daughter.

    Later on through out the novel Jean Valjean finds out about Cosette’s trifling path, and grows more closer to her. The two of them find refuge at a convent where Jean Valjean works as a gardener. Cosette goes to school and happens to meet this boy named Marius. Marius falls in love with her, Jean Valjean stays cautious of him, because he is afraid that he might lose her affection. Marius ends up being a hero of some sort because one day Cosette and Jean Valjean were going on a charitable visit to see there neighbors The Jondurettes.

    It turns out that the Jondurettes were really the Thenardiers they recognize Cosette but Cosette happens to not see that it was them. Marius then was witness at the time when Cosette and Jean Valjean went over. He overhears them trying to set a plot to rob Jean Valjean, and tells police. Soon they move and they move and Marius and Cosette get married, visits between Cosette and Jean Valjean are less frequent. One main character that I find interesting in the story is Jean Valjean. He starts off as an ex-convict and in the changes to a loving and responsible man.

    Goes to jail for nineteen years and then is released on a charge of stealing a loaf of bread and trying to escape from prison. After being released he goes from place to place trying to find somewhere to sleep. When a kind Bishop lets him in he is shocked because he still lurks upon what he has done. From then on he starts on his path to becoming a man of great character. In Summary Les Miserables was a great book. It left me crying, laughing, jumping for joy, and shocked. It was made perfect from beginning to end. If I could change anything I would just add more to it.

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