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    Language Arts: Essential Tool Used in Everyday Life Essay

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    My Language Arts Experience Language Arts is an essential tool used in everyday life, Language Arts is used in everything trot music to poetry to even simple conversations with our friends, Language Arts is used, Language Arts in my life was introduced during my preschool days, tweaked in my teen years which has in turn resulted in the Language Arts I now know and used daily. Language Arts was first introduced to me at the tinder age of five years old in my kindergarten class.

    Language Arts from the get go Vass always a love hate allegations, to elaborate, like the art of language and the process it takes to come up with stuff in my imagination but its getting it from my imagination to paper has always been my problem. In the beginning though honestly hated Language Arts. Reason being, I have ADD Which has plagued my performance in Language Arts from the beginning. My teen years was my transformational years in Which I went from hating Language Arts to developing an interest for writing essays and structuring my thoughts.

    Teen years were the years finally began to transfer What was in my imagination to paper. Also found out during these years that developed a broad extension of diction. Was also introduced to social media were used an abundant of language arts tools to develop external connections that would never have been brought available if it wasn’t for language arts. My teen years brought much maturity to my use of language arts, but to see how it has progressed to what it is now is a statement in its own right.

    The progression of my knowledge of language arts now has greatly enhanced since my pre-k days. The language arts I use now has helped me to express talents that didn’t even know was capable of, that being the ability to write and produce my own music. The simple fact is that my thought process has totally changed with language arts from beginning to now, In the beginning, thought language arts was just a boring class we had to take but now have the possible opportunity to use my talent with music, which would have never happened if it assn for language arts, into a career.

    With that being said, I cannot thank language arts enough. Language arts is an essential tool used in everyday life. Language arts has now been proven that it is noticeable in everything around us. Prom language arts being introduced at five, to it getting tweaked and matured in my teens, and to it developing into a possible career for me, couldn’t thank the introduction to language arts more.

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    Language Arts: Essential Tool Used in Everyday Life Essay. (2018, Jul 24). Retrieved from

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