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    Lan Based Essay

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    REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES This chapter presents some concepts that were used by the researchers in this study. These reviews of related literature and studies, both foreign and local were presented specifically in related studies and related literature LOCAL studies 1. ONLINE EXAMINATION IN TRIGONOMETRY WITH ANALYTICAL GEOMETRY: An Assessment By Arlene Abracosa Paradero, October 2007 This study assesses the online examination in Trigonometry with analytical Geometry of selected students at Central Colleges of the Philippines, during the academic year 2006 – 2007.

    This project study is one type of examination that is slightly similar to the said proposal. It also focuses on the advantage of having an online examination, which is also stated in the objectives. Paradero stated in her study that constructing pencil and paper test is a professional skill. It takes study, time and practice to become proficient in it. An instructor needs to be familiar with the different types of test items and how to write them.

    But nowadays, educators do their research to update themselveson the current trends and issues in education, prepare their lessons, deliver or present in their classes, compute grades with the use of computers. Likewise, the computers are being used by some educators in administering examination. The online examination is a new approach in education. Today, many schools have considers the application of online examinations among its students. The Development if online examination had simplified the preparation of examination and assessment of learning achieved by the students. 2. LAN BASED EXAMINATION

    By Kimberly V. Alvarez, December 2003 This study is about a Local Area Network(LAN) Based examination that tries to eliminate the use of manual processing into a computerized system by developing a software product. It has been found that the study helped lessen the work of the instructors especially on checking the answers and computing for the percentage score of the student. The study proves that this software product is effective especially in getting the results right away. The researcher has an objective of pursuing learning in a more effective way through the use of computer.

    Information gathers from the studies and literature shows how computerization helps to solve the problems encountered by the researcher. 3. ONLINE FACULTY EVALUATION SYSTEM OF DE LASALLE UNIVERSITY – DASMARINAS By Julius Robert S. Bonifacio, Kristine Grace L. Cuenca, March 2003 The online evaluation for the faculty of De LaSalle – Dasmarinas was created to give easy access to students when they evaluate their professors. It was also developed to improve the conventional style of evaluation and to have a better result in evaluating.

    This study helped the proponents to have an idea regarding online system. This gives a better concept on how will be the flow of the project study. The difference of this from the said proposal is that their system is only an evaluation for the faculty while the proposed system is a type of exam that should be done inside the university to monitor the students who will take this examination. The similarity of this is with the same concept of generating a report after finishing the test. The administrator also has the control to access some information regarding the outcome of the said examination. . COMPUTERIZED EXAMINATION OF LAND TRANSPORATION OFFICE (LTO) FOR DRIVERS LICENSE APPLICATION By John Ferdinand Ramos, March 2005 This is study is about the development of computerized examination for license, which makes the checking of papers easy with the help of this system. This software was equipped with an examination for the professional and non-professional license. It is divided into two categories of exam. It automatically checks the examination question, which limits the problem encountered by the examiners.

    It lessen the processing errors usually encountered using the manual system. This study slightly related with the proponents proposal regarding the concept of creating a computerized system that will eliminate the use of manual process in taking the exam and checking it, similar with the concept of getting the results instantly. This also benefits the user to have easy access with the system. FOREIGN LITERATURE 5. EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS OF ONLINE LEARNING Retrieved in www. Blackboard. com, ND This article states about the benefits of having online education.

    Academic and professional organizations agree that using web-based learning environments can offer sound pedagogical benefits. *Enhancing student to student and faculty to faculty communication *Enabling student – centered teaching approaches. *Providing 24/7 accessibility to course materials. *Providing just in time methods to assess and evaluate student progress. *Reducing “administrivia” around course management. Web based education tools provide many ways to increase communication between class members and faculty, including discussion boards, chats and emails.

    Researchers have found that adding these elements to a course increases student motivation and participation in class discussions and projects. This benefits the student because they can combine new opinions with their own, and develop a solid foundation for learning. Online education can be defined as an approach to teaching and learning that utilizes Internet technologies to communicate and collaborate in an educational context. This include technology that supplements traditional classroom training with web based components and learning environments where the educational process is experienced online.

    Another benefit to using web based communication tools is to give all students a reinforced sense of quality. Each individual has the same opportunity to “speak up” by posting messages without typical distractions such as seating arrangements, volume of student voices, and gender biases. Studies prove that online discussions provoke more confrontational and direct communication between students. Online examination can be done after online learning. This can help the user to ensure if he/she has learned the lesson he/she has taken. 6. CONTENT COVERAGE VS.

    TIME CONSTRAINTS IN ONLINE LEARNING eCollege’s Course Management System Provides Solutions for Tradition pedagogical Problems by B. Jean Mandermach, Amber Dailey and Emily Donnelli, 2003 According to this article, with too much material, too little time , the faculty have long struggled to balance content coverage with the critical analysis of material within the confines of limited contact time with the students. As indicated by McKeachie(1999), “Learning is not the result of what the instructor does during the class, but what the student does outside the class”.

    Thus, the use of instructional technology to engage students outside of class allows instructors to increase students’ time on task with material, while ensuring that limited class time can be devoted to higher order instructional goals. Advances in such educational technologies can be used to heighten the learning experience for the students and help instructors meet the growing demand to cover extensive content within a relatively brief timeframe. The integration of online quizzes enables instructors to engage student with course material prior to class without spending valuable classroom time on quizzing and grading.

    Online preparation of quizzes can be used prior to class to assess students’ understanding of readings, provide feedback to correct basic conceptual errors and most importantly, to provide student immediate feedback to direct their attention to the concepts they need to focus on the most. In contrast to the social pressures of a face to face class, the asynchronous environment allows for prepared individualized, thoughtful interactions free from the constraints of time, self-consciousness and other student learning variables.

    Threaded discussion boards provide an opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of student – teacher and student-student interaction in an environment that encourages planned, meaningful, prepared discussion. Many educational advantages become available by integrating instructional technology to expand students’ engagement with the course material outside of scheduled class time. The value of online assessments and asynchronous discussions speak to the flexibility and ease of use of supplemental course management system.

    Instructors can adapt, modify and implement online assessments and discussions to fit their particular needs without straining limiter time and resources. 7. ONLINE EXAMINATION – THE FINANCILA EXPRESS Retrieved in www. thefinancialexpress. com, 2008 Tamil Nadu Agricultural University (TNAU) became the first agricultural university in the country to conduct examination on line. About 800 students wrote their mid –semesters exams online, being implemented form this academic year 2007- 2008, on Tuesday, in the hall provided with WI-FI connectivity using their laptops.

    The student can view the question paper only during the time set by the teacher, after entering the password which is announced in the exam hall. The students can review the entire questions before they start answering m the sources said adding during answering also, and they can review the unanswered questions. However, answered questions cannot be reviewed and the paper once answered by the students with a particular ID number cannot be re-answered. The student should answer within the set time and after finishing, the answer would be stored in a separate file and mailed to the teachers concerned for the review and evaluation of answers.

    This articles gives an idea to the proponent about the possible procedures in taking up the comprehensive exam. But still researcher will stick with the limitation of using intranet only. 8. THE ELEARNING QUESTION AND ANSWER BOOK By Allan Henderson. 2003 What’s wrong with the traditional solutions like classroom courses? This book answers common questions regarding e-learning. According to Henderson, the traditional learning solution is simple presentation style lecture class or a full-blown class with lectures, hands-on exercises, and group projects.

    He stated that there is nothing wring with traditional solutions Earlier technologies for learning at a distance included CD-ROMs, audio tapes and videotapes. But the internet is poised to overtake them within a few years because of accessibility and familiarity. Online examination is one form of e-learning. Like what Handerson said about the traditional learning, there is also nothing wrong with manual examination. It only updates the conventional way of taking exams. It is more reliable and easy to adopt because it requires less effort for the user. . A NEW MEDIUM ON COMMUNICATION By Zongquin Zho, 2004 Intranet: Enabling Communications Inside a Business This book was about e-commerce, although the proponents proposal is not about business, they focused on the area in which intranet was discussed. In this book intranet is basically an internet within the business corporation. Some business organizations set up Web servers on their own internal networks so that employees have to access to the organization’s web document.

    Similarly with the proponents proposal about online comprehensive examination, they will manage the system using intranet. In an Intranet environment, the user feels that he/she is working in a web. Intranets use hypertext, colors and graphics and all those functions that are found on a web. This eliminates problems related to the use of different computer programs and platforms, which often creates communication errors. Intranets have several advantages over traditional network communication. First, as mentioned previously, intranets provide a common communication latform for the exchange and sharing of private information. Second, they give opportunity to take advantage of all the functions that the web is capable. Third, it increases the communication power and effectiveness. Finally, intranets provide the convenience for the users. 10. CONCEPTUAL FRAMWORK The conceptual framework of the proposed system consists of the steps in creating the intranet based examination, together with the requirements that will be needed in installing this software product.

    The proponent will use the combination of My SQL, Visual Basic Language and Flash in creating this program. The figure illustrates in input as the data gathering like interview, books, survey and internet, which we will use to gather enough information to create this program. In the process phase, it determines the system requirements to run the program and the output will be the intranet based examination. Implementation, testing and maintenance should be done after creating this software product.

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