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    Internship Report on Janata Bank Sample Essay

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    Janata Bank Limited is the 2nd largest province owned commercial bank in Bangladesh. Immediately after the outgrowth of Bangladesh in 1971.

    the erstwhile United Bank Limited and Union Bank Limited were named as Janata Bank. It was established under the Bangladesh Bank order 1972. During the denationalization procedure it was incorporated as a populace Limited Company on 21. May 07 vide certification of incorporation No-C66933 ( 4425 ) 07. The Bank has taken the over the concern of Janata Bank at a purchase consideration of Tk. 2593.

    90 million as a traveling concern through a seller understanding signed between the Ministry of Finance of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh and the Board of Directors on behalf of Janata Bank Limited on 15th November 2007. Janata Bank Limited operates through 851 subdivisions including 4 abroad subdivisions at United Arab Emirates and a subordinate company named Janata Exchange Company Srl in Italy. It is linked 1202 foreign letter writers all over the universe. * Janata Bank Limited operates through 886 subdivisions including 4 abroad subdivisions at United Arab Emirates.

    It is linked with 1202 foreign letter writers all over the universe. * The Bank employees more than 15 ( 15 ) thousand individuals. * The mission of the bank is to actively take part in the socio- economic development of the state by runing a commercially sound banking organisation. supplying recognition to feasible borrowers. expeditiously delivered and competitively priced. at the same time protecting depositors financess and supplying a satisfactory return on equity to the proprietors.

    * The Board of Directors is composed of 13 ( Thirteen ) members headed by a Chairman. The Directors are representatives from both public and private sectors. * The Bank is headed by the Chief Executive Officer & A ; Managing Director. who is a reputed banker. * The corporate caput office is located at Dhaka with 10 ( 10 ) Divisions comprizing of 38 ( 30 eight ) DepartmentsMission:To be recognized as the taking commercial bank in the Bangladesh market supplying retail and corporate banking services and as a sure and well-thought-of spouse in the societal and economic development plan of our state. Vision:
    To go effectual largest commercial bank in Bangladesh to back up socio-economic development of the state and to be a prima bank in South-Asia.

    Nature of concernThe Bank provides all sorts of commercial banking services to its clients including accepting sedimentations. widening loans & A ; progresss. dismissing & A ; buying measures. remittal. money transportation. foreign exchange dealing.

    warrant. committednesss etc. The chief activities of its subordinate Janata Exchange Company Srl. Italy ( JEC ) is to transport on the remittal of hard-earned foreign currency to Bangladesh. Another subordinate company Janata Capital and Investment Limited.

    Dhaka is to move as issue director. portion investment banker and portfolio director. The Bank has opened an NRB subdivision at Motijheel. Dhaka to render sole service to non resident Bangladeshis.
    Subordinates of the BankJanata Bank Limited has two 100 % owned subordinates named Janata Exchange Company Srl.

    Italy and Janata Capital and Investment Limited. Dhaka. Bangladesh. Janata Capital and Investment Limited. Dhaka
    The amalgamate fiscal statements of the Group and the fiscal statements of the Bank as at and for the twelvemonth ended 31 December 2011 have been prepared under the historical cost convention and in conformity with Bangladesh Financial Reporting Standards ( BFRSs ) . the ‘First Schedule’ ( subdivision no.

    38 ) of the Bank Companies Act 1991. as amended by the BRPD Circular no. 14 dated 25 June 2003. other Bangladesh Bank Circulars. the Companies Act 1994.

    the Securities and Exchange Rules 1987 and other Torahs and regulations applicable in Bangladesh. In instance the demand of commissariats and handbills issued by Bangladesh Bank differ with those of other regulative governments and accounting criterions. the commissariats and handbills issued by Bangladesh Bank shall predominate. Janata Capital and Investment Limited Dhaka incorporated on 13 April 2010 vide incorporation certification no.

    C-83898/10 issued by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms ( RJSC ) with 100 % ownership of Janata Bank Limited holding Tk. 5. 000 million authorized capital and its paid-up capital is Tk. 2.

    000 million. The company starts its operations from 26 September 2010 and its chief maps are issue direction. underwriting and portfolio direction. Janata Exchange Company Srl. ItalyJanata Exchange Company Srl. Italy was incorporated on 18 January 2002 vide Ministry of Finance missive dated 3 January 2001 and missive dated 27 June 2001 with 100 % ownership of Janata Bank Limited holding authorised capital of ITL 1.

    00 Billion and its paid-up capital is 600. 000 EURO. Apart from Rome Branch. JEC.

    Italy has another Branch in Milan. Italy. which was established vide MOF’s blessingBeginnings of fund: Bank collects its fund in four ways and this are-* Deposit* Loan* Bills collectible* Equity and others

    Uses of financess: Bank uses its fund in the undermentioned way-* Cash and Bank balance* Loans and progresss* Investment and called-up loan* Fixed assets and othersFrom the above facts and figure an illation is reached that Janata bank limited didn’t perform good as it should be. Because being a first coevals it should set up precedency to its follower by which they may be encouraged to follow.

    Servicess of the OrganizationBesides normal banking operation. Janata Bank Limited offers particular services to a big figure of clients/agencies throughout the state. Under the web of public-service corporation service. clients of different govt. organisations. corporate organic structures.

    local organic structures. educational establishments. pupils. etc are continuously acquiring benefits from the Bank. Janata Bank Limited’s public-service corporation services are: Bills Collection:* Gas measures of Titas.

    Bakhrabad and Jalalabad Gas Transmission and Distribution Companies. * Electricity measures of Dhaka Electricity Supply Authority. Dhaka Electricity Company. Bangladesh Power Development Board and Rural Electrification Board.

    * Telephone measures of Telegraph and Telephone Board. * Water/Sewerage measures of Water and Sewerage Authority. * Municipal keeping revenue enhancement of City Corporation/ Municipalities. * A pilot strategy is underway to supply individualized services to our clients. Payments made on behalf of Govt. * Non- Govt.

    teacher’s wages* Girl Students scholarship/stipend & amp ; Primary Student Stipend. * Army pension* Widows. grass widows and impoverished Women Allowances* Old-age Allowances* Food procurance BillsAs per determination of the govt. 46 ( Forty Six ) subdivisions of our bank ( 40 subdivisions in Dhaka metropolis. 1 ( one ) subdivision in N.

    gonj metropolis and 5 ( five ) subdivisions in Chittagong metropolis ) are involved to have the all public-service corporation measures in a same station from January’04.

    Management AspectLike every other concern organisation. the top direction makes all the major determinations of Janata Bank. The board of managers being at the highest degree of organisational construction plays an of import function in policy preparation.

    but it is non straight concerned with the day-day operations of the bank. They have delegated this responsibility to the direction commission. The board chiefly establishes the aims and policies of the bank.
    One president.

    11 managers. one CEO & A ; MD and one company secretary are consist of Board of Directors of Janata Bank Limited. Mid and lower degree employees get the way and direction from the Board of Directors about the responsibilities and undertakings they have to execute. The main executive provides the guideline to the directors and employees.

    but delegates duty for finding how undertakings and ends are to be accomplished. Future Plans of the Organization1. To affect in export activities in a big graduated table by keeping good communicating with assorted parties. 2. To roll up new members in FY2012 to get down export related new concern. 3.

    At least 2 new AD subdivision will open in FY2012.
    4. More installations will supply to the exporters on the footing of export precedence. 5. New Credit Product will get down in a big graduated table by name of BMRE Loan for export undertaking to spread out mill.

    import machineries. purchase conveyance among go outing parties. 6. To take the competitory place charge. decrease committee and other installations will go on. 7.

    To increase export concern monitoring system has made stronger in caput office and several subdivisions. 8. To increase export concern has appointed sufficient work force. supplying particular services and related different developing plan of officers has been will be started.

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