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    Inline or Online Essay (1049 words)

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    Inline or online, this very question is being asked by many different schools all around the country.

    As we enter a new age of technology, more and more schools are beginning to see the benefits of being onlineOver 100 years ago Albert Einstein could have never imagined this thing we call the Internet. Although he was busy discovering nuclear fusion and theorys to explain even the most puzzling questions, the Internet was never a thought that would come up. The Internet can be used to find all sorts of information, from the author of a famous book that youve been dying to read, or the stock quotes for the day. The Internet is a very useful tool that has proven effective in many schools. Unfortunately, the Internet can be a dangerous tool used to corrupt and to destroy peoples lives and families.

    The North Carolina Regional Educational Laboratory stated in 1995 We believe that technology that does not advance a student’s learning has little value in the classroom. Technology used in conjunction with the most recent research and development findings on learning, however, can help all students achieve in schoolThe potential for growth of the educational resources available throughout the Internet are endless. However, there are some concerns. For one thing, there currently is no censorship, which means that students can access some material not appropriate for them.

    Any individual or group does not control the Internet. Congress is currently examining this, but the problem is that the Internet is not located in one specific place, country, or continent, in which, the U. S. Congress has no jurisdiction. A second concern is the improper use of the Internet.

    Many schools as well as districts need to establish Acceptable Use Policies. These policies clearly have to state the ground rules for student online computer use, and must be signed by both students and parents before the students may participate on Internet related projects. Another concern is that there is no systematic information system. There is no uniformity while searching for information. There are plenty of search engines.

    Some are easy and others not so easy to access. There is the need to have some information assistance. Sometimes, it becomes a major challenge to locate materials. At the same time many people are building home pages with references to their favorite links, this ultimately will build good reference materials.

    A fourth potential problem is that, since this is an on-line service and can be updated in a minute, it provides a dynamic process of updating and modifying materials regularly. However, since a number of people move or relocate their addresses, an active address one week may lead to a blind alley the next. The World Wide Web is in its infancy. As it grows and matures many different resources will customize it and shape it to meet their specific needs.

    The K-12 teaching and educators community will be no exception. The demands of education are especially rigorous. It is stated that there is a long way to go before the World Wide Web can serve as a major tool in elementary education. Specifically, the support for interactive communications is woefully underdeveloped, but is receiving significant attention and growth.

    It was found that even very young children are using the resources to their advantage. Creative use of the Internet resources generates enthusiasm in students so that they respond with a better sense of self- achievement. It was also found that the use of the Internet resources enabled students to look for more information than required by the subject. While further research needs to be done, it would appear that the Internet resources, does help children to do better in achievement. Effective use of the new technology with students working collaboratively and participating in peer conferencing should go a long way toward preparing the students for the society of the twenty-first century.

    Imagine studying geography and or history by examining a map, and using point and click approaches to go to a location. You can also learn about the history, culture, current attractions, and perhaps see pictures of the current area. What about going to the Moon and follow NASA’s space shuttles, see the most recent pictures of planets and stars not easily available to everyone. Current events can provide many educational experiences.

    For example, visit NBC News in Chicago, CBS, C-SPAN, Fox Network, and CNN Interactive: All these television networks provide a valuable tool for teachers and students. Newspapers such as: USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, and Dallas Morning News, are now available on line. The Internet is helpful when looking for information in other languages, international news or just curious about the rest of the world. A great number of schools have started to make school information accessible to parents and the community.

    With new mechanisms, students work is available throughout the World Wide Web. Many schools across the country have web sites created by students. Those students update and add all the necessary information daily. Even in libraries the Internet has become popular because of its gargantuan amounts of information that are only a point and a click away. Entire books are now online for you to read or print if you would like a copy.

    Other areas that hold the potential to develop such integrative projects are the museums. Life over time is the current focus of The Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, including dinosaurs and support teacher’s guides. Web Museum, Egyptian Papyrus Collection, shows a papyrus collection from The University of Michigan. Le Web Louvre in Paris, explore the Web Museum unique Famous Paintings collections and medieval art exhibit. The Vatican Museum, containing speeches, letters, writings in more than ten languages.

    The Miami Museum of Science, celebrating 30 years of Summer Camp. The Franklin Institute, in Philadelphia, bringing exhibits, resources, and the fun of a museum visit, right to your desktop. Leonardo da Vinci Museum, holds a collection of his famous paintings. The Missouri Botanical Garden, which has developed educational materials for elementary schools.

    The Internet has the potential to be the greatest invention ever made by man. The amount of knowledge contained in a single click of a mouse is incomprehensible. The question you must now ask is your school ready to go online?Words/ Pages : 1,046 / 24

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