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    Information systems In Banking

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    Executive Summary:

    Information systems are highly critical for the growing and endurance of concern organisations in today ‘s universe. All sectors of the industry are wholly dependent on these for the direction of of import information and information. Small organisations to big, powerful concerns such as high street Bankss and cardinal and local authorities are taking the aid of information systems to modulate their informations.

    In this paper, we will discourse the assorted advantages of the usage of information systems in the banking industry. We will exhaustively analyse the demands of information systems at the assorted different degrees and reexamine the security needs for these intents.

    Use and Benefits of Information Systems in the Banking Industry:

    The coming of computing machines has given rise to information systems being used as a concern tool on a big graduated table. Computers and more specifically information systems are being used on a big graduated table by about all concerns. The application of the capablenesss of Information systems and engineerings brings out betterment in concern procedures ( Davenport and Short, 1990 ) .

    One of the major sectors to harvest the benefits of computing machines and information systems is the Bankss. The nature of the banking industry along with other fiscal industries involves information and trust. Being in the service industry, Bankss are in the most demand of information. Technologies like cloud computer science and other cyberspace based information storage systems have allowed Bankss to present province of the art client services to its clients while maintain the market fight required for deriving concern. The undermentioned paper analyzes the information demands of the Bankss at assorted departmental degrees and compares the security degrees used by Bankss with those in other sectors. At the terminal of the paper, one should be able to understand the most normally used engineerings in Bankss, the security measures presently used in Bankss and whether or non there is range for farther betterment.

    Information Needs in Banks:

    The demand of information was foremost realized in the banking industry. Bing in the service sector, Bankss needed to hive away information to better their services and derive a competitory border over their rivals. Basic services include the book maintaining records of the clients while the epicurean 1s include the installation of an IVR ( Synergistic Voice Recording ) through which clients can acquire replies to their F. A.

    Q ‘s. However, developing an information system needs immense investings, duty of non-leakage of information ( hardiness of the system ) , and assorted other security steps. Banks hence need information at every phase possible. The benefits of information are many. Today, determination doing systems are besides used by Bankss for intents of marketing newer loan strategies. Typically, Bankss might necessitate information at the undermentioned degrees.

    Basic or Level 1:

    This is the most basic degree. Information at this degree might be used strictly for administrative intents. Tasks include book maintaining, account managing of clients etc. The revolution of cyberspace banking has made the basic degree much more attractive to clients than it used to be. Furthermore the construct of phone banking through IVRs has farther proved to be a major technological measure towards the advancement of Bankss and IT systems.

    Advanced or Level 2:

    At this degree, information is important and is used at the managerial degree.

    Directors use certain information like stock listings, one-year general meetings etc in databases that is to be unbroken secure. This information is supposed to be secret and can non be distributed without consent and proper important power. Information at this degree is barely for client usage. However, in instances of fraud and cheating, Bankss can utilize this as a safety step to guarantee their repute does non lose.

    Evaluation of Information Systems:

    Majority of the Bankss in the western states and more late in Asiatic states to utilize the coming of information systems to bolster their concern. Decision devising tools, account direction systems, and cyberspace based systems are widely used by Bankss to enticement clients in the quest to pull them.

    Since the sector they operate is the service sector, Bankss need to recognize that they can ill afford to allow their client service affect due to the technological progresss. To measure the information systems used by Bankss, one needs to recognize the general nature of information systems used by Bankss presently.

    Nature of Information systems presently used by Bankss:

    A assortment of information systems are being used by Bankss. Presently, most Bankss operate with multiple bequest systems that operate on a individual mainframe computing machine ( Lenard ML, Ferran C 1997 ) .

    With times, this basic construct has non changed much. The construct of object oriented scheduling has given rise to the usage of multiple waiters thereby cut downing the burden on a individual Personal computer. Furthermore, the cyberspace has evolved as a complete beginning of secure engineering that acts as a utile resource to the Bankss. The coming of cyberspace based systems ( popularly known as web based systems ) has allowed Bankss to be more precise and maintain a hassle free record system. However, the cyberspace based systems have led to many security issues.

    The following subdivision describes them.


    The chief job of cyberspace based applications is the degree of security provided. There have been a figure of instances with the most celebrated 1s being the ATM card duplicate and recognition card mistakes have all arisen due to information system exposure. Therefore, Bankss need to supply a degree of security that can non be breached. It is tough to state that the system is “foolproof” since programming involves coding and decrypting. Therefore what can be coded can besides be decoded.

    However, many security steps have been taken by bank governments in conformity with the IT professionals to let smooth hassle free banking through the usage of computing machines and information systems. Some of the common security characteristics include the secure waiter engineering ( SSL engineering ) , Enforcement of Torahs like the Data protection act enables for more careful banking by the Bankss. The jurisprudence enables anyone the usage the information provided over the cyberspace with due attention and merely with the consent of the supplier of that information. This jurisprudence has worked admirations in that it has made the proprietors of web sites more responsible to such bad lucks.

    Information flooded over the cyberspace can merely be used for intents said and described prior to aggregation of it. Law therefore acts as one of the barriers to those who want to transgress it. Apart from jurisprudence, security degrees include password recollection systems, extra information proviso and providing watchwords to specific phone Numberss merely. By making this, the cyberspace has taken aid of other acquisitions of worlds into consideration. The logic is that a human can non lose all at a clip and hence is a good step to cut down the security menaces.

    Cloud Computing?

    Cloud computer science is the term given to applications which operate over the web and are accessible to everyone who has an entree to the cyberspace.

    Intranet, cognition based systems and web sites are all illustrations of cloud computer science. Cloud calculating takes aid of a 3rd party service supplier to lease the applications. With cloud computer science, users need to hold small expertness over the computing machine and its working. This calls for major security menaces since it can be accessible by anyone who has entree to a computing machine.

    Computer literacy is besides small required. However, for our chosen organisation cloud computer science is non suited. Although in other service sectors, cloud computer science has worked admirations to pull client base, Bankss can non afford to utilize such systems. In fact, Bankss can run with secure systems and yet derive an advantage by saying their expertness and attention they take for their clients. To reason, the usage and benefits of information systems in Bankss are many. Along with these come many challenges which the Bankss need to take attention of.

    However, with the fantastic innovation, Bankss have surely been revolutionized.


    C. Ferran and M. L Lenard, “An Object Oriented Approach to Banking Information Systems” , 1997, pp. 1-7. D.

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