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    Industrialization and Urbanization Essay

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    At the bend of the century. Industrialization and Urbanization brought prosperity to Canada and Canadians by bettering and changing their supports for both positive and negative grounds. Harmonizing to the writers. Industrialization and urbanisation led to the growing of the economic system. development of the E. West and cardinal metropoliss. addition of rural to urban migration. the rise of the in-between category and the acknowledgment of adult females in the work force.

    Fiscal Investment through Bankss. foreign. authorities and private investors led to a encouragement in the Canadian economic system. ( Francis. Jones. Smith 132 ) . These investings accelerated industrialisation and urbanisation doing an inflow of big Bankss. commercial establishments and transit services in urban countries ( Francis. Jones. Smith 133 ) . These were the beginnings of big scale employment chances for Canadians. Harmonizing to the writers. Industrialization caused economic growing in E. West and cardinal Canada.

    In Nova Scotia. “businesspeople invested in steel merchandises to take advantage of the ness Breton coal fields” ( Francis. Jones. smith 138 ) and in British Columbia. “resourced based industries such as excavation. forestry. piscaries and agribusiness improved” . ( Francis. Jones. Smith 139 ) . The writers argue that Urbanization occurred at a rapid rate in the prairies due to the high demand for wheat which was the primary trade merchandise. Winnipeg for illustration was nicknamed “hub city” because it had legion rail manner links linking it to the E doing it a major heartland metropolis.

    The writers province that Ontario and Quebec became major heartlands by concentrating on little scale consumer goods that they supplied to the western and eastern parts of the state. The extended railroad system in southern Ontario alleviated the transit of resources such as lumber and minerals ( Francis. Jones. Smith 141 ) . The writers province that. mechanisation besides improved agriculture by increasing productiveness with the assistance of “labour-saving machines such as hay mowers. harvesters. thrashers and tractors” ( Francis. Jones. Smith 151 ) .

    These lowered the figure of older kids required to work in the farms. However. it can be argued that mechanisation caused the loss of occupation chances to Canadians in rural countries because homo and manual labor was replaced by machines that did twice every bit much work and functioned better. An illustration of this is the “iron chink” that replaced Asiatic workers ( Francis. Jones. Smith 139 ) . Due to Urbanization. a batch of Canadians were educated and trained in multiple trades harmonizing to the writers.

    Womans were educated in mill. clerical and teaching professions while the work forces worked in the mines and building. This immense measure towards female acknowledgment in the workplace was a large contrast from their old functions of place devising and taking attention of domestic jobs. As stated by the writers. adult females were finally allowed to pattern professional callings. An illustration of this is Emily Jennings Stowe who became the first female Canadian to put up a infirmary in Toronto whilst her girl. Augusta Stowe became the first female to have a Canadian medical grade ( Francis. Jones. Smith 158 ) .

    Industrialization caused an rush of in-migration in the urban centres taking to the acceleration of urbanisation ( Francis. Jones. Smith 137 ) . However. this rapid population growing shortly started to do jobs. These include the outgrowth of slums in extremely populated centres. deficiency of proper sanitation. impairment of wellness and the rise of prohibition evident through the figure tap houses. music halls and film built for amusement intents ( Francis. Jones. Smith 153. 155 ) . Social stratification caused physical separation between the working category and the middle/upper category countries.

    A batch of metropoliss became “ghettoized” . to a great extent populated and unwanted to populate in ( Francis. Jones. Smith 153 ) . Working conditions were rough and humdrum taking to a batch of grudges by workers who were subsequently on managed by brotherhoods which were formed between 1850 and 1890. The brotherhoods championed workers’ rights and work topographic point safety and security ( Francis. Jones. Smith 161 ) In decision. Industrialization and Urbanization to some extent brought a batch of prosperity to Canada and Canadians.

    This was addressed by the writers in the book. Destinies: Canadian History since alliance. The writers province that industrialisation accelerated urbanisation and this in bend led to the growing of metropoliss. These became major heartlands that provided resources and goods to minor backwoodss environing them. However. due to the drastic growing of industrialisation. metropolis inhabitants experienced over population. hapless life criterions and rough working conditions that led to the impairment of their wellness and monolithic change of their life styles.

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