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    In this essay, I will be analysing a film called

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    In this essay, I will be analysing a film called “Fight Club”, in terms of title, pictures, colours, layout, size of words, quotations & language and audience. Fight is a conflict between two people or groups of people that might involve bodily contact while club is an establishment or building or regular event at which people dance to records. When put together as has been done in this poster it suggests a place or gathering where people fight, and therefore makes an audience think the film will be about a place where fights regularly occur.

    The pictures in this poster are the faces of a smiling man and an angry/sad man. The people in the poster look like thugs who might have had a conflict. The smiling face of the first man might suggest that he had a conflict with the second man with the sad face and was victorious. The photos remind me of a mug shot. The original colour of the poster was black and white, which might have been used to emphasise a word in the title of the film ” Fight”. I think the effect of this is to create a dark atmosphere corresponding to the word “Fight”.

    In my opinion, the layout of the poster is very good. The pictures are in the middle with the quotations in large letters on top. The actors’ names written in large letters and other unimportant things are at the bottom. The first thing an audience sees in this poster, are the pictures. I think it might have been set out like this to attract the attention of the audience. In the poster, the quotations and the actors’ names are the largest because they are the most important information’s and also, to attract the attention of the audience.

    Information such as the producers and marketing labels are the smallest words in the poster. They are the smallest because they are unimportant. Words like “Howling Monster”, ” Thrilling”, and “Clever” in the poster make the film appear dangerous, exciting and thrilling. Metaphor is also used to show that the film is dangerous for example “Howling Monster”. Personification is also used to give an action impression for example “A Howling Monster of A Movie that Virtually Sticks It’s Ravening Snout out of The Screen and Bites You”.

    The film is made to look big by using large letters for the first quotation that is right on top of the poster. In the poster, the quotation sources are stated to show recommendation by top movie and news sources. In the poster, there was a reference to the director of another film being the director of “Fight Club”. This is to take the audience’s attention back to the film and encourage them to see “Fight Club” if the film “Seven” was good. I think the people the film is targeted at are definitely not kids.

    I think it is for people between the ages of eighteen and above and of male gender. The title “Fight Club” suggests the film is about a fight arena. The hooks in the poster are the pictures and are similar to mug shots. The original colour of the poster was black and white and the words and pictures are evenly distributed. The important information is in large letters while the unimportant information is in small letters. In my opinion, the poster is good and effective as an advertisement because it is very informative and well structured.

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